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Please help me in choosing web hosting

Posted 03 Jul 2008 00:18:24
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03 Jul 2008 00:18:24 John Smith posted:
Hi everyone,
I am sorry for possible offtopic, but I need your help in find new web hosting provider as soon as possible, because my current host ( is kicking me off, they say 'your account is using a lot server resources', but my website gets only about 200 visitors per day and my disk usage is 1500 MB (maybe they do not like that?)

Anyway, what would be your recommendations for getting reliable web hosting? Where are you hosting your websites? Are you happy with your providers?

I am now checking - offer looks very nice, but is it real that they can provide unlimited disk space?
I have contacted them about this question and they say something that "These days 500GB disk drive costs only $30 per month, so if some day we will run out of disk space we will simply add new 500GB disk drive with almost zero costs and you can continue uploading without any problems".

What do you think about it? Maybe things have changed in last 4 years? With my current provider I get only 2GB of disk space for $10 per month..
Any ideas and suggestions are much appreciated.


Replied 10 Jun 2011 13:27:55
10 Jun 2011 13:27:55 Tanya Parker replied:
Matey go with Fasthost, that would suit u.
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Replied 06 Apr 2012 12:09:24
06 Apr 2012 12:09:24 John Donovan replied:
There are a lot of hosting companies and you can don't know which to choose. Hope this article about ecommerce website hosting will help you in making decision.
Replied 09 Aug 2012 12:33:21
09 Aug 2012 12:33:21 Jim Elliott replied: are the best without doubt
Replied 12 Nov 2012 09:18:29
12 Nov 2012 09:18:29 Ellie Gilbert replied:
You may want this ultra web hosting
Replied 10 Jun 2013 13:14:42
10 Jun 2013 13:14:42 Chris Mackie replied:
We supply hosting for many different websites.

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