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Newbie here, advice needed

Posted 22 Oct 2008 19:56:11
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22 Oct 2008 19:56:11 Elizabeth Barnwell posted:
I am learning Fireworks, and have figured out how design pages for our website. I don't have any coding knowledge, so I would like to learn how to prepare my pages for our developers to easily code to make their lives easier. Can anyone suggest a book, tutorial, etc. for me to start?




Replied 07 Nov 2008 13:52:53
07 Nov 2008 13:52:53 Angelo Sabal replied:
I suggest you search some css/ html tutorials, they are all over the web , the new version of adobe fireworks lets you able to export css/ html, which is a really good upgrade. If you have dreamweaver the better, makes the fireworks to dreamweaver transition easier. Most designer do the html in dw, while they create their graphics in fw.

I suggest joining this forum ,

adobe fireworks 8 ~~ fanning the flames ~~ adding fuel to the fire
Replied 31 Jan 2013 05:39:00
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