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Problem with DMX Zone960 Grid System (free extension)

Posted 27 Jan 2011 18:41:25
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27 Jan 2011 18:41:25 Abraham naranjo posted:
I have Downloaded DMX Zone960 Grid System (free extension) and it was installed properly is it enabled, but i can't see the toolbar for the extension, I'm using Dreamweaver CS5 Version 11 build 4964 English version on Win 7 Ultimate in Spanish, i hope someone could help me.


Replied 07 Aug 2011 17:59:05
07 Aug 2011 17:59:05 Nancy Marchioro replied:
I have also done the same thing and can't see the tool bar or anything related to the extension.

DId you find a solution to this?
Replied 18 Aug 2011 19:36:17
18 Aug 2011 19:36:17 Margie Mackrell replied:
I am also having the same problem. Running Win 7 64bit US Eng
Replied 02 Sep 2011 15:59:26
02 Sep 2011 15:59:26 Jorge Gomes replied:
Me too, can someone help please!
Replied 02 Sep 2011 17:59:12
02 Sep 2011 17:59:12 Patrick Woldberg replied:
the extension is located in the insert panel, default in CS5 this is not displayed as a tab like on the screenshot with the extension, it is in the dropdown menu. you can change the look of the insert panel to look like the old tab toolbar in older Dreamweavers

default the the insert panel is on the top right side, you can change it by dragging it to the top or change the view from Dreamweaver to classic, then you will have the panel as a toolbar at the top.

if still having problems then post in the support forum at the product page or contact the live support.
Replied 06 Feb 2012 18:06:23
06 Feb 2012 18:06:23 Donna Magee replied:
How do you add a row with the 960 grid in dw cs5.

I have a row of 5 cells in the content div and I want to duplicate this down the page 5 or six times
Replied 21 Feb 2012 05:10:32
21 Feb 2012 05:10:32 sitobito sodi replied:
Thanks to solve this problem in easy steps.
Replied 30 Apr 2012 15:35:59
30 Apr 2012 15:35:59 anisha vj replied:
me have still problem
Replied 30 Apr 2012 15:36:02
30 Apr 2012 15:36:02 anisha vj replied:
me have still problem
Replied 30 Apr 2012 15:36:03
30 Apr 2012 15:36:03 anisha vj replied:
me have still problem
Replied 22 Nov 2012 17:09:43
22 Nov 2012 17:09:43 y_ andrei replied:
Im using Windows 7 (64bit) and Dreamweaver CS5.

Just click on HELP then EXTENSION MANAGER.
A window will pop up.
Make sure the box bellow the ACTIVATE title is checked. (of course it has to be in the same line of the DMX Grid plugin). That's all!
Simple and direct!

Hope it can help you all!
Replied 28 Jan 2013 11:20:03
28 Jan 2013 11:20:03 Nic De replied:
mh. it seems quite difficult to add rows, especially adding rows where you want them. any techniques for that?

otherwise it would be a nice extension

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