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Dreamweaver and SimplePagination.js

Posted 06 Feb 2013 13:31:15
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06 Feb 2013 13:31:15 Christian Sen posted:
Hi all!

I came across this pagination script, a nice looking one,
and I thought of using it on a webpage.

I understand the most of it, both placing of the js files and calling it in the head section, but that's where it all stops.

How do I bind this up to Dreamweavers Recordset Paging in the body? -or is there another way to use this?

Page is in DWCS5.5 | Asp | Access


Replied 18 Feb 2013 18:25:18
18 Feb 2013 18:25:18 Christian Sen replied:
In case anybody else wonders, just insert the DW Recordset Paging behavior and mark the table or links with the CSS that came along with the Simple Pagination.js script.

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