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How do I get Google Map to resize in fluid grid layouts

Posted 23 Feb 2013 20:42:10
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23 Feb 2013 20:42:10 Michael Lee posted:
I'm using Dreamweaver Fluid Grids. When I insert a Google Map it has a fixed size - HOW do I get the Google Map to resize for tablet and mobile media?

The size is set in the DMXZone setup dialogue box. The size is put into what looks like a CSS div and Javascript code. I think maybe the div is in fact related to the javascript.
I can't use a percentage in the javascript it doesn't like it.

By the way, I know nothing about javascript!

It seems to me that I could do with a Javascript file similar to the Dreamweaver CSS Fluid Grid File - that has the 3 media queries - so each media query would tell the map (in javascript) to be a different size.

Help and advice please. Surely this is easy if you know your javascript! And why isn't it easy in the DMXZone control panel?

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