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Download files from htaccess protected directory

Posted 21 Apr 2013 01:42:16
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21 Apr 2013 01:42:16 Terrel Pochert posted:
Are there any DMXzone Dreamweaver Extensions that might help me with this issue.

I'm using htaccess to "Deny From All" for a specific folder to prevent folks from creating direct URLs to access files. This works great.

I'm also writing little custom scripts for authorized users to download these files using curl-setopt, etc. (several scripts found on stackoverflow).

Instead of inserting and playing with this "custom" code (since I'm not programmer), is there any DMXzone Dreamweaver Extensions that I can use to automatically create the same download option without constantly inserting this custom code? I certainly still don't want the original files to be accessible by the public or give them the ability to have direct links to the folder and files. I've looked at "File Genie PHP", but still need to protect the original files.

If anyone can steer me to the correct forus topic or have some suggestions, it would greatly be appreciated.

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