The Feed Genie Saga Continues

October 18, 2010

A PHP version gives Extreme Flexiblity

Since Feed Genie ASP has been released and with big success, our developers have been also working on the PHP version of this stunning extension, which will be released this Wednesday!

For the past three weeks, Feed Genie ASP showed our ASP users the benefits of having it and what beautiful work can be done in combination with Dreamweaver.

The Story

Picasa Featured Demo

The demo shows you a simple image wall set up with our Feed Genie PHP returning a Picasa featured photos feed.

Feed Genie PHP Picasa Featured Demo 

The upcoming PHP release will provide extreme flexibility that will take you on a tour beyond your believes and break many boundaries.

There is also Bundle Release planned this Wednesday that will combine Feed Genie PHP with Paginator PHP. The Feed Genie PHP & Paginator PHP bundle will allow you to create the coolest CSS-based page navigation and make browsing through large lists of items or tables easy and quick.

So stay tuned for more demos and highlights coming up tomorrow!



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