Feed Genie Reviewed and Updated

January 13, 2011

Get your favorite feeds as Data Sources!

If you manage tons of pages, which content you need to display on a separate Web site, all you need is our Dreamweaver jewel - the Feed Genie. Supplied with feeds for the most popular pages, such as: Flickr, Last.FM, Picasa, WordPress, Youtube and Twitter, it's a great tool for your daily design work. Our friend Guenter Schenk has written an amazing review for the Feed Genie extension, which will bring more light to it's functionality and possibilities. 

The Story

What's new in Feed Genie 1.0.3

  • Fixed paging of custom feeds
  • Fixed date feeds from PHP
  • Fixed publishedDate in PHP for Google feeds
  • Improved fetching of some RDF feeds

Scope of the review

"First things first: I´ll try hard not to tell you things which you can watch & read about on the DMXZONE website, and this review is certainly not meant to provide a comprehensive introduction of each & every feature the current Feed Genie version (1.0.2) comes with.
My review is based on evaluating the "Picasa – User Album Photos" feed type, will highlight my (sometimes developer-centric) observations and occasionally provide some technical background information which may be of interest to those who´d like to look behind the curtains..."

Read the full review from Guenter Schenk in out Premium content section!


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