HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-On Released!

January 19, 2011 Source article

Decorate any Element with Visualization!

As promised, today we proudly present the HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-on! Turn your website content into a visual spectacle, full of superb visualization effects that behave on the beat of your stunning HTML5 MP3 Player! The Music Visualizer is fully customizable (size, color, speed, coordinates, etc.) and there are no boundaries on which creative project you want to fulfill.

The Story

Features Highlights

  • Decorate any element of your web page - Choose from the supplied visualizations and bind them to a HTML5 MP3 Player.
  • Visualization Effects - There are eight visualization effects supplied in this Add-on for HTML5 MP3 Player: Fire, Fireworks, Shapes, Smoke, Snow, Spectrum, Starfield and Waveform, which can be customized the way you want to fit your site design
  • Full Customizable - Every Visualization Effect is customizable in size, color, speed, coordinates and much more.
  • Drawn with HTML5 Canvas - The visualizations are drawn with HTML5 Canvas, so all the modern browsers with canvas are supported.
HTML5 MP3 Player & Music Visualizer Bundle

HTML5 MP3 Player & Music Visualizer Bundle

For the ones who don't have the HTML5 MP3 Player extension, which is required in order to use the HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-on, we fused the two in a discount bundle! Check it out on the HTML5 MP3 Player & Music Visualizer Bundle product page.


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