Ajax DataGrid Improved On Speed And Handling
April 12, 2011 by Rob Nijkamp Source article
The Ajax DataGrid extension is improved with file handling and works even faster on the Dreamweaver interface! Now it's even easier to create your own AJAX-powered data grid that can be styled, sorted and paged. This updated version is packed with the Advanced HTML Editor 3 as well, for even more easy-to-edit situations with interactive Ajax Grids.
The Story

What's new in Ajax DataGrid 1.0.8:

  • Improved automatic shared file copy, synchronization and upload from Dreamweaver
  • Great speed improvements on the Dreamweaver interface

Discount Bundle

Adv HTML Editor 3 & DataGrid Bundle

Adv HTML Editor 3 & DataGrid Bundle

If you need to give your users access to all database records or just to some specific ones, that they can edit and update, what you need is the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and Ajax DataGrid , nicely packed in this bundle.
Advanced HTML Editor 3
Design – Meet the future of Content Editing
Ajax DataGrid
Databases – Create a great looking, interactive Ajax Grid in Dreamweaver within minutes.
Adv HTML Editor 3 & Datagrid Collection
Collections – Show your users which content they can edit
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