Image Gallery Add-on for Adv HTML Editor 3 Released!

April 20, 2011 Source article

Collect and use all your images directly from the editor!

If you haven't experienced the power of the Image Gallery Add-on in the previous Advanced HTML Editor version, you'll have this great opportunity today, because we have a brand new and compatible with the Advanced HTML Editor 3. This time we don't have separate versions for PHP, ASP and ASP.NET so you can use it on any server you work. We made a few videos to see how to set it up and use it's amazing functionality as well as a great demo that you can test online on the supported browsers.

The Story

Features Highlights:

  • Ajax based gallery - All gallery actions like uploading, paging and delete are all done asynchronous trough Ajax, so your gallery is super fast and very responsible.
  • Great Advanced HTML Editor 3 Integration - The Image Gallery Add-on is fully integrated into the Advanced HTML Editor 3, with the same beautiful style.
  • Full integrated Ajax Multi Upload with Drag & Drop (Firefox and Chrome) - Drag one or many images from you personal folders and drop to upload them automatically into the gallery.
  • Fully Manageable - You can allow the user to manage the images - add and remove pictures.
  • Ajax Paging - Pagination links are automatically created, with each page downloaded only when requested (speeding up delivery and saving on bandwidth).
...and many more, which can be found in the Features in Detail tab on the product page.

Easter Eggs Demo

In this demo you can see the features packed in the Image Gallery Add-on for Advanced HTML Editor 3 as well as to try it on any of the supported browsers. Drag&Drop images (in Firefox and Chrome), upload, delete and select, you can do all of this in the live demo.



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