Advanced HTML Editor 3 Performance Boost with more than 300%!

July 19, 2011

End-users relish in the fast load-time editing their content

Our developers have been working on a major update of our Advanced HTML Editor 3 extension and its Add-on Arsenal to be much faster and quickly ready to use! Let us show you how we incrementally decreased the file size, overall loading and downloading times for the best user experience in all famous browsers. It's even faster than many of the best WYSIWYG-editors on the market. Get ready for the best content editor solution there is!

The Story

Advanced HTML Editor 3 Performance Boost with more than 300%!

Our beloved Advanced HTML Editor 3 is in constant development and improvement. Now we improved the performance, your end-users relish in the faster load-time editing their content. We did some loading and performance tests to measure its speed and compared it with our old Advanced HTML Editor 3.0.3 and the famous TinyMCE and CKEditor. As you can see, the speed has decreased a huge amount of seconds. Now the editor competes with TinyMCE and CKEditor and is even the fastest in the list.

Advanced HTML Editor 3 Add-ons

Also the famous Add-ons are updated with many improvements for adding an even huger value to your websites. Every add-on will upgrade the power of the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and some are even free!

Online Page Editor Image Gallery YouTubizer Picasa Gallery

Especially the Online Page Editor Add-on that lets your users enable the editing mode on their websites and change content live directly in the browser like a Content Management System. The Image Gallery Add-on organizes your images in an amazing functional Ajax based image gallery within your editor. The YouTubizer Add-on will help you search for and link your YouTube Videos and the Picasa Gallery Add-on for using Picasa images and easily add them in your editor.

It's a Free Update!

Of course all existing Advanced HTML Editor 3 + Add-ons users can update their extensions for free!

So upgrade your copy right now!


Mentioned Extensions

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