Advanced HTML Editor 3.1 Released With Major Improvements!

July 20, 2011 Source article

A Performance Boost with more than 300%!

Proudly we present you one of the fastest and most comprehensive content editors on the market! The famous Advanced HTML Editor 3 is amazingly improved in speed and performance as well as the enormous value adding Add-ons. Still not convinced? Check out the amazing features in the 9 Demos and 16 Videos we've created so far!

The Story

Inspiring Demos and Videos

Let our demos and videos help you work with the extension and be inspired thinking of cool projects.
Check out the amazing features in the 9 Demos and 16 Videos we've created so far!

Check out all the Demos

Check out all the Videos

Extend Your Advanced HTML Editor 3

The Online Page Editor Add-on lets your users enable the editing mode on their websites and change content live directly in the browser like a Content Management System. 

The Image Gallery Add-on organizes your images in an amazing functional Ajax based image gallery within your editor. We  also released two free add-ons, the YouTubizer Add-on that helps you search for and link your YouTube Videos and the Picasa Gallery Add-on for using Picasa images and easily add them in your editor.

What's New in Advanced HTML Editor 3.1.0:

  • Huge speed improvement - editor loads now much faster and is quickly ready to use!
  • Using CSS Sprites for loading toolbar icons - so the toolbar is just a single image and loads very fast!
  • Improved multiple editor instances on the same page
  • Improved working of the editor in tabs and other hidden areas
  • Better CSS styles filtering in the styles drop down in the toolbar
  • Improved layout and styling of the font type, font size and styling drop downs in the toolbar
  • Text formatting toolbar icons are always enabled now and work following the MS Word standard
  • Text align and blockquote actions improved and made the same for all browsers
  • Table editing,inserting nested tables and cell properties are available in the toolbar now.
  • Using UTF-8 as page encoding is no longer required - you can use any character set encoding on your page as you like
  • Improved handling of special HTML entities and detection of Unicode usage
  • Universal enter handling implemented so pressing the enter key behaves the same in all browsers
  • Improved (X)HTML filtering
  • Speeding up in loading editor language translations
  • Improved editor add-ons support in IE8
  • Improved editor add-ons loading speed
  • Improved editor resize and autosize Add-ons
  • Editor size more consequent - it is now the size for the whole editor including the toolbars
  • Improved editor dialogs and their extensibility.
  • Greatly reduced minimum editor width so it can be place even in the smallest areas - very handy in combination with Online Page Editor Add-on
  • Added IE7 compatibility! No more weird html is generated when using IE7
  • Fixed editing of form fields
  • Fixed inserting of weird unicode characters in some occasions 


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