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October 17, 2011 Source article

Showcase: Choose the perfect gallery for your site

If you have an online store your best option will be to present your products in a stylish animated gallery, that you can easily design to attract the attention of the customers and bring them straight to your products. Choose Animated Thumbnail Gallery and you will be able to organize your pictures in a gallery that  perfectly fits your internet site. This amazing gallery will make your catalog more engaging and easier to browse trough. The closer view of your products will help your customers to make their choice without requesting more information.

The Story

Do you want to optimize the online presentation in order the quality products, that you provide to reach a vaster auditory? Animated Thumbnail Gallery is exactly what you are looking for. We offer you stylish designs for your gallery together with 10 stunning Lightbox effects.

The gallery is fully HTML and CSS driven so you can add tittle and description, which allows you to link the photo directly to the product page. Not only this will provide faster access to any page on your site but it also makes your gallery search engine friendly and you'll be easily found in Google.

Product Presentation Demo

In this demo you can explore a whole wall of images, created with the help of Animated Thumbnail Gallery. The images are "pulled out" directly from Pisaca with Feed Genie so you don't have to upload all of them to your server if you want.



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