DMXzone Supersized Features Unveiled

November 21, 2011

Customize the DMXzone Supersized easily from the User Interface

Today, we give you a sneak preview of the features, added in the upcoming release of DMXzone Supersized. You can also explore the extremely helpful User Interface, which allows you to customize the DMXzone Supersized with just few clicks. Stay tuned to see which customs designs are also available in this extension.

The Story

  • Integrated DMXzone Resizer - Resize all your images super fast to a regular size for the DMXzone Supersized. The DMXzone Supersized requires images with the same size for the best effects and the built-in DMXzone Resizer slices and crops your images so they are just as required. 

  • Preview of images, title and link - Awesome preview of your images, title and link directly in the User Interface. The titles can be also HTML.
    • Automatically generated images' names  - Auto generate image titles from their file names.

  • Cool looking navigation control - Fully stylable with CSS.
    • Show Next & Prev Navigation - Displays next & prev navigation buttons.
    • Show Play/Pause button - Displays a show/pause button.
    • Slides Counter - Displays the number of slides in the slideshow.
    • Thumbnails Tray - Generates a list of thumbnails that jump to the corresponding slide.
    • Progress Bar - It runs based on the slide interval.
    • Thumbnail Navigation - Toggles forward/backward thumbnail navigation. When on, thumbnails from the next/previous posts are generated and can be clicked to navigate.
    • Slides Titles - Displays the slides' titles
    • Enable Mouse Scrub - The thumbnail list navigates left or right based on the mouse location.
    • Allow Keyboard Navigation - Allows controls via keyboard.

  • Flexible background image positioning - You can specify the image position to fit your website design.
    • Vertical Center - Centers image vertically. When unchecked, the images resize/display top center if horizontal center is also unchecked. 
    • Fit Always - Prevents the image from ever being cropped. Ignores minimum width and height.
    • Horizontal Center - Centers image horizontally. When unchecked, the images resize/display from the left of the page.
    • Fit Portrait - Prevents the image from being cropped by locking it at 100% height
    • Protect Image - Disables right clicking and image dragging using Javascript.
  • Timed transitions on slides - You can specify the duration of the slide and the transitions.

  • 7 unique transition effects - You can choose between different transition for your slides, which are fully cross browser compatible and even run on iPhone/iPad. 
  • Paging Controls - You can chose between different sets of paging controls.
  • DMXzone Supersized directly from dynamic sources like a Recordset and an RSS/ATOM Feed fetched with Feed Genie.

  • Many CSS editable skins supplied - Select one of the added skins or edit them through the CSS to fit your website perfectly.
  • Full support for the DMXzone Behavior Connector - You can easily bind other DMXzone extensions to your slides.

  • Great Dreamweaver integration - Interactive dialog in Dreamweaver with all the options you'll need.


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