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Today, we're happy to announce that the DMXzone Tabs extension is officially released! Now you can organize your page into different sections in order to make the navigation of the site easier than ever before and save space. No mater what content you want to display, text, images, videos or even whole pages, with the DMXzone Tabs you can distribute it into multiple sections and be sure that your users can reach any information they need with just a few clicks. Check out the live demo and videos to see what you can do with this amazing Dreamweaver extension!

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The Story

Features Highlights:

  • 24 lightweight CSS Designs included - We have chosen to use CSS3 effects like rounded corners and shadows in our CSS designs to make them really pure CSS and very light.
  • Easy to choose style picker - We've included a style picker where you can see a preview of the chosen design
  • Organize your content into multiple tabs - Break your web content into multiple tabs that you can easily navigate between and save space
  • Display any content - You can add rich content into the tabs, such as text, images, videos and even whole pages
  • All tabs are live rendered in Dreamweaver and can be fully navigated in design view! So you can easily visual switch from tab to tab and edit it right in place! Note that this feature requires Dreamweaver CS3+
  • Fully controllable by behaviors - If you want to navigate to a specific tab or start an event within it - it can be easily done with the Control DMXzone Tabs behavior
* For complete Features overview go to the Features in Detail tab on the product page.

DMXzone Tabs Vacation Villa Demo

In this showcase you can see a vacation villa demo page where we've inserted the DMXzone Tabs in order to organize the information into different sections. We've included rich content like images and tables in them. To show you how the Dreamweaver Behaviors control this extension we've created a link in the Accommodation Tab which navigates to the Price Tab.




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