DMXzone Timepicker Released and on Sale

May 23, 2012

For the past few days you've seen the features packed in the DMXzone Timepicker, you've seen it in action in the browser and today, it's officially released! This Dreamweaver extension allows you to add great looking and well validated time fields on you web forms and improve their usability and user experience. Check out the demos and video tutorial that we created to learn how to use it!

Until next Wednesday you can benefit from the introduction price and get it for €29/$38. If you already own the DMXzone Calendar 2 we offer you a special upgrade price for just €19/$25.

The Story

  • Extension and Add-on - The DMXzone Timepicker works as a standalone Dreamweaver extension and also as an Add-on for the DMXzone Calendar 2.
  • 24 designs - There are 24 different designs to choose from so the timepicker fits your website design. You can also create your own custom design by editing the CSS.
  • Browser inline timepicker or with field - To suit you website you can choose between an inline timepicker or with field.
  • Optimized for Touch devices - Now you can drag the timepicker slider on touch devices like iPad and iPhone and it will respond directly!
  • Initial Timezone - Set initial timezone that will be selected when the timepicker is displayed.
  • All international and custom time formats - Visitors from varying locals respond to different time formats so we added all to use the best one for your website.
  • Animation effects - Add awesome animation effects to your timepicker when opens or closes.
  • Custom appearance - You can customize the way your timepicker will be navigated and what drop-downs will be available for your users.

Hairdresser Salon Reservation Demo

In this demo you can see how we used DMXzone Timepicker as a standalone extension along with DMXzone Calendar 2 in a form with two fields.




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