Google Maps Drawing Add-on Features Unveiled

July 16, 2012

Highlighten your map with custom drawings

As we promised last week, it's time to reveal the features for our upcoming Google Maps Drawing Add-on for DMXzone Google Maps extension. It's very simple to use and the effects that you can accomplish are stunning. The Add-on is a fully integrated Drawing Editor and allows you to sketch anything you want directly in Dreamweaver. Just pick the place on the map that you need to work on and start drawing. You can draw directions, different shapes such as rectangles, circles or even polygons to highlight certain parts of the map. You can choose any color, set up opacity and stroke. Below you will find all the features in details.

So stay tuned for the official release on Wednesday!

The Story

  •  DMXzone Google Maps integration - In order to customize your map with drawings, simply select the Add-on from the add-ons tab in the DMXzone Google Maps UI and click the drawing options button.


  • Great Dreamweaver integration - Interactive dialog in Dreamweaver with all the options you'll need. Just interact with the Google Maps as you would normally: zoom, drag, switch views and use the drawing toolbar to add various shapes in various colors.


  • Draggable map - Change the location at any point you want by simply choosing the arrows and dragging the map with your mouse.


  • Polyline Tool - Draw any custom directions or anything you need on your map.


  • Rectangle shape - Use the rectangle shape in order to create a color overlay on your map.


  • Circle shape - You can also use the circle shape in order to point out a specific part of your map.


  • Polygon tool - Draw any multi-sided object on your map.


  • Color picker - Choose any color for your shapes and borders from the built-in color picker.


  • Opacity color level - Set the color intensity level to fit your map.


  • Stroke color, opacity and weight - Customize your overlay stroke with color opacity, and thickness. 


  • Bring to front action - In order to top all other overlays, simply select the overlay and select "bring to front "action.


  • Move to back action - To move an overlay behind all others, select "move to back" action


  • Move forwards action - For a map with multiple overlays it's easy to move one overlay above the other using the "move forwards" action.


  • Move backwards action - For a map with multiple overlays it's easy to move one overlay behind the other using the "move backwards" action.


  • Delete action - If you wish to delete any overlay on the map, simply select it and click the delete action button.


  • Shape selection and properties - Additionally, you can resize your shape at any time by clicking on it and using the handles. If you wish to delete your last interactions just click the undo icon. 


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