Adv HTML Editor 3 Gets Two New Add-ons

July 18, 2012

Use Google Maps and Google Maps Drawing as Add-ons

With the improved version of DMXzone Google Maps and the release of Google Maps Drawing Add-on it's now possible to use both tools as Add-ons in our popular Advanced HTML Editor 3. With them you can have all the functionality directly in the editor, create maps, directions, customize them with markers, shapes and many many more. You can check out the demo that we created for you and test it real time in the browser. Also, below you will find a detailed list with the improvements that our developers made in DMXzone Google Maps' latest version.

The Story

Google Maps Drawing Add-on in Adv HTML Editor 3 Demo

In this demo you can test live how it feels to use the Google Maps Drawing Add-on directly in your Advanced HTML Editor 3. You can add any shapes or custom directions/objects and once you're done with the customization, submit your map to view it in the browser. 


What's new in DMXzone Google Maps 1.2.0:

  • Implemented Google Maps as Advanced HTML Editor 3 Add-on! Now you can add your Google Maps directly online in the editor!
  • Added compatibility with the new Google Maps Drawing Add-on
  • Improved choosing of custom marker icons - now sizes are auto calculated
  • New anchor options also for icon shadow image


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