Radio Coverage Demo With Google Maps and Drawing Add-on

July 24, 2012

Draw your radio range in seconds within Google maps

In today's demo we are going to show you how to create a stylish page for your radio station showing the coverage of the area. For that purpose we used DMXzone Google Maps and its Drawing Add-on along with the Universal CSS Navigation Menu. By sketching the different zones of the signal strength with various colors, we were able to make a pretty simple map of the radio waves. We also provided info for the different colors.

The Story

Radio Coverage Demo

For this demo we used 3 tools - DMXzone Google Maps, Drawing Add-on and Universal CSS Navigation Menu. We picked up the place on the map that we need to work on. With the help of the Google Maps Drawing Add-on we sketched several circles with the circle tool. We put different colors on them and added a legend. Finally we inserted a menu on the top which is customized through the CSS.




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