DMXzone QRcode Generator Released and with a Special Price!

September 19, 2012

Get our latest Dreamweaver extension on a special price

Today we're happy to announce the official release of our newest addition to the Dreamweaver extensions collection - the DMXzone QRcode Generator! It provides you with easy to fill in forms for all types of QR codes such as meCard, vCard, email address, phone number, text, social network websites and more. Below you can check out the new showcase we created using this amazing tool. Also on its product page there's a useful video tutorial on how to work with it.

For a week you can benefit from the special introduction price for the DMXzone QRcode Generator and save €10/$12.

The Story

Features Highlights:

  • meCard -A meCard contains personal contact information and is designed for mobile phone address lists.
  • vCard - A vCard is for company and professional use and can contain a lot more information than a meCard.
  • E-mail Address - Encode an email address into the QR code. It will start up the email application on the scanners device and populate the 'To:' address.
  • Phone Number - Encode a telephone number into a QR code for one click dialing.
  • SMS Message - Encode SMS messages in a QR code and send them to a telephone number.
  • Text - It will show up as a text message on the scanner device.
  • Error Level -Set the correction level to compensate the damage on the QR code.

Restaurant Demo

In this demo we used SMS message QRcode for the special offers, Website URL for the location and Facebook Like for the Facebook Page.



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