HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery Updated and with Special Price

November 28, 2012

Now the flipping gallery works perfectly in IE10

Today we have a new version of our awesome HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery tool. With it you can create polaroid-like image galleries with great effects fast and easy. Thanks to the support for the CSS 3D Transforms web standard in IE10, the extension can now take full advantage of it and more. Check out the demo we made for you.

If you missed our Black Friday Sale, today you have another chance to get the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery with 50% off.

The Story

Spa Hotel Showcase

For this showcase we used our DMXzone Nivo Slider extension to create an image slider with different transitions effects. Below we have four images that show some parts of the hotel. With the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery we made them flip on click and we added description on the back.


What's New in HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery 1.0.1

  • Full IE10 CSS 3D flipping support! As IE10 now finally supports the CSS 3D Transforms web standard we have improved the extension to take full advantage of it!
  • Improved links on mobile devices
  • Improved installer for Dreamweaver CS 6.1 (Adobe Creative Cloud) compatibility



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