HTML5 MP3 Player Comes with New Powers

January 16, 2013

Check out what's new in the HTML5 MP3 Player

Adding sound effects and even whole song to your page enhances the user experience. You can achieve that with our HTML5 MP3 Player, which comes to you with a new update. With this new version we added compatibility for the HTML5 Parallax Slider, improved the Fancy Red and Blue design for longer song titles, added support for IE10 and Windows 8 and more. You can read the full list below.

Until next Wednesday you can get the HTML5 MP3 Player on a special price and save €10/$14!

The Story

What's New in HTML5 MP3 Player 1.0.9

  • Great compatibility with our newest  HTML5 Parallax Slider for providing sound effects
  • Many HTML5, iOS and Android 2.3 fixes and improvements
  • IE10 HTML5 compatibility
  • Windows 8 compatibility
  • Improved control behavior
  • Fixed looping with a single song
  • Improved the Fancy Red and Blue design for longer song titles


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