Add Music to Give Live to Your Page

January 17, 2013

Enrich the user experience by adding songs in your webpage

To make a really good and stylish website, you need a few things - good content, presentation and to be easily accessible. But don't stop there, with the modern technologies you can do almost everything. In today's showcase we took advantage of the newly updated HTML5 MP3 Player and combined it with the HTML5 Parallax Slider to add different songs in our page. This way you can elevate your site to a new level.

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The Story

Spa and Relax Center Showcase

To show images of our Spa center, we used the HTML5 Parallax Slider extension and made four slides with different images and elements inside them. Then we added music to every slide with the HTML5 MP3 Player. The song changes when you change the slide.




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