Facebook Product Presentation Design Kit Released

Make stunning Facebook Pages with our new Design Kit

If you want to reach more people outside your home page, there is one easy way to do that - social networks. A fast way to promote your products and engage new users is Facebook. With that in mind we made our latest design kit - the Facebook Product Presentation Design Kit. It includes the updated Facebook Fan Page tool along with two other DMXzone extensions and a template. Make stunning fan pages and add them to your Facebook, showcasing new products or making special offers for your fans. You can easily customize the template and use it on multiple projects and if you have the required extensions, you can buy only the Template.

Now the Facebook Product Presentation Template is on sale, get it only for €19/$26!

The Story

Home Page

The design layout is standard and fits any modern browser on any screen and is also supplied with awesome Google map.


Mentioned Extensions


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