DMXzone Uniform Released With a Special Price

February 27, 2013

Style your forms with the DMXzone Uniform

Today the DMXzone Uniform joins our Dreamweaver extensions family. With this tool you can style any form element on your page and make it look the same in all browsers. Choose between 3 stunning designs or customize them through the CSS to meet your needs, add autocomplete as an option and more. Make sure to read the manual and watch the video tutorials we made for you.

Now you can get the DMXzone Uniform with a special price only for €29/$40 until next Wednesday!

The Story

Features Highlights:

  • Deliver amazing uniform styling to all your form elements - Finally with the DMXzone Uniform extension you can achieve exactly the same form styling in all browsers.
  • Choose one of the supplied designs - Choose one of the 3 stunning designs or design your own by editing the CSS. All the form elements in the DMXzone Uniform area will be automatically styled and will look exactly the same in all browsers!
  • HTML5 Attributes - Specifies whether a form should have autocomplete on or off (Note: Your page must be HTML5).
  • Fully controllable by behaviors - Update the fields style and behavior on demand.
  • Great Dreamweaver design preview - You can preview your Uniform directly in Dreamweaver and see how it looks like.

Uniform with Google Maps Showcase

For this showcase we used the DMXzone Uniform  to design an awesome contact form with a few elements that looks amazingly in any browser and also the DMXzone Google Maps to show the location.


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