DMXzone Calendar 2 Comes with Newest jQuery UI

March 11, 2013

See what's new and check out the showcase

This week we will focus on the recent release of jQuery UI 1.10.1, which will be updated in several DMXzone extensions, starting today with the DMXzone Calendar 2. Now it supports jQuery up to 1.8.3 that includes the unbelievable 13 versions next to its amazing Dreamweaver integration, dynamic data and conditional dates support, for more speed, power and greater user experience. There's also a showcase to inspire you in your project, featuring the DMXzone Calendar 2 and three more Dreamweaver tools for the perfect landing page!

The Story

Luxury Travel Showcase

In this showcase we used four awesome DMXzone extension to create a beautiful landing page for reservations. The page navigation is created with the Universal CSS Navigation Menu, the sliding background images with the DMXzone Supersized, and the reservation form with DMXzone Uniform and DMXzone Calendar 2 for easy date and service pick up.


What's New in DMXzone Calendar 2.1.0:

  • Included updated jQuery UI to 1.10.1 for more speed, power and greater user experience
  • Included updated jQuery to 1.8.3 that includes the unbelievable 13 versions
  • Included 11 new languages -  Now it supports 46 different languages
  • Updated jQuery UI themes
  • Minor bug fixes


Mentioned Extensions

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