Adv HTML Editor 3 and its Add-ons Meet IE11

December 17, 2013

Check out what's new in Adv HTMl Editor 3 and its add-ons

Our developers did their magic and Advanced HTML Editor 3.5.0 finally works in the latest Internet Explorer browser. To celebrate this achievement they even added new Bootstrap style toolbar icons in 3 sizes as well as iPad and iPad Flat styles for mobile and tablet styling. Last but not least, it comes with jQuery 1.10.2 and a restyled user interface. Image Gallery, Youtubizer, Picasa Gallery and the File Manager add-ons are also improved with new icons in Bootstrap style.

For a week the Advanced HTML Editor 3 is on sale with a special price so if you don't have it now you can get it cheaper!

The Story

What's New in Advanced HTML Editor 3.5.0:

  • Full Internet Explorer 11 support! Finally, you can use the editor in the latest Internet Explorer and enjoy its powers!
  • New cool Bootstrap style toolbar icons in 3 sizes! Now the editor fits perfectly in sites designed with the DMXzone Bootstrap extension!
  • New iPad and iPad Flat styles for amazing mobile and tablet styling of your editor!
  • Dreamweaver UI restyled!
  • Latest jQuery 1.10.2 Included
  • Various browser bugs fixed


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