Add Directions to Every Location

December 5, 2017

New release is coming up on DMXzone!

You can add directions to every page with App Connect Google Maps Directions Add-on! Feel the best Google Maps experience, get the route suggestions, choosing from different types of moving - by car, walking, cycling, even flights!

Use every dynamic data source to feed most of the main parameters with real-time data.

Stay tuned, releasing tomorrow!


Full Google Maps Capacity

Integrate directions to any location using App Connect Google Maps engine.

Correct Directions and Directions List

Select from Driving, Transit, Walking, Cycling or Flights modes and check the directions list!

Route Alternatives

You can choose an alternative route! The add-on will display all the available routes.

Draggable Markers

Drag and drop the marker on a location and get the route immediately.

Any Dynamic Data Source Support

Use any dynamic data source to feed Origin, Destination, Waypoints, Departure Time and Arrival Time.

Running Perfectly on Any Device

Of course, it's made for desktop and mobile devices!


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