What to Choose: HTML5 Slideshow or Nivo Slider

At first glance, HTML5 Slideshow 2 and DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 look quite similar extensions. Both offer great display of your images, are fully responsive, come with integrated image resizer and can be generated from dynamic source. But we're often asked what's the difference between them and the first thing that stands out is the thumbnail image preview, which is to be found in the DMXzone Nivo Slider 3. On the other hand, HTML5 Slideshow 2 features the amazing Ken Burns moving effects so at the end of the day it's up to you to choose the one you like better, or simply get both of them!

Design Inspiration with Bootstrap 3

Once you master the basics, such as creating a page layout, adding navigation and content, you can take a step further and focus on the design, which is the key for a successful website. Below you'll find an amazing collection of showcases which can give you an idea how to use your Bootstrap 3 extensions the best possible way and create even more stunning design experience for your users. All Bootstrap 3 extensions are on sale until next Tuesday so hurry up if you still need any of them.

Explore our Ultimate Spam Protector

Yesterday we showed you how to validate your forms with the HTML5 Form Validator, but how to protect them from spam? The answer is DMXzone reCAPTCHA 2, which is still part of this week's Summer Sale and you can get it with discount if you hurry up. It offers both client and server side validation and is the ultimate spam protector from spam bots and automatically generated program attacks. Below, you can watch how easily you can implement it and how awesome it looks on your page.

Best Practices with HTML5 Form Validator

As you already know, HTML5 Form Validator its Unicode Add-on are part of this week's discounted selection of DMXzone extensions. If you still don't have these amazing Dreamweaver tools, you still have time until tomorrow to get them with great discount. Below you will find two fantastic showcases, which will show you the power of these two useful extensions and how easy it is to apply client and server side form validation.

Organize Your Content in Sections

Among the amazing extensions, which we discounted this week as part of our ongoing Summer Sale, you'll find DMXzone Accordion 2 and DMXzone Tabs 2. These two Dreamweaver tools are what you need to organize your site content in sections, save space on you page and impress your users with stunning effects and animations. Below you can see two awesome showcases, which will show you how great both extensions can achieve. 

Data Grid with DMXzone Extensions

With just one day left until the end of the sale for Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator, we have one more showcase for you to check out. While our developers are still working on the second generation Data Grid extension, we used a few DMXzone extensions and crafted one, which you can search, sort and even more. So make sure to explore the demo and see what you can achieve with our latest tools.

Creating File Manager with DMXzone Extensions

With the release of Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator, you're now able to create some great things, especially if you're working on a custom CMS. In our latest showcase, we followed the step by step tutorial, called listing files in a table, and developed an awesome file manager page. The page lists fully automatically our images in a table and displays details about them. So make sure to check out the demo and the video tutorial and see how it's done.

Inspiration with DMXzone Supersized 2

We have an upcoming improved version of DMXzone Supersized 2. But before we show you what's new tomorrow, we want to share an amazing collection of inspirational showcases with this awesome extension. It will give you some design ideas for your future projects and also will show you how beautiful a fullscreen background slideshow looks like on a site. 

HTML5 Slideshow From a Great Data Source

Yesterday, we showed you in a video tutorial, how easy it is to use DMXzone File System Connector as a source for your HTML5 Slideshow 2 images. And now it looked fair to see it live on the web. That's why you should definitely check out our latest tutorial below and experience the full power of these extensions. All has been beautifully done via the mighty DMXzone Server Connect. 

Experience the Power of State Management Live

If you're still wondering what you can do with the mighty HTML5 Data Bindings State Management extension, we have the answer for you. Our latest showcase is an example of a voting contest, where the users are allowed to vote once per 24 hours on their favorite image. But how is this possible? It's quite simple: when a vote is casted, a cookie is created to store that vote and the button becomes disabled, something you can easily do with the extension.

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