DMXzone Timepicker in Action!

A day before the official release we will show you how the DMXzone Timepicker works in the browser when combined with DMXzone Calendar 2. If you missed the features in detail article, you can check it out here and see which features our developers packed in this extension. Stay tuned for tomorrow when you'll be able to get the DMXzone Timepicker on a special price!

DMXzone Timepicker Features Unveiled

As promised last week, today you can check out the features that we packed in our upcoming release for DMXzone Timepicker. Along with the awesome 24 CSS designs, you can customize the appearance, select from 19 different languages, work with it on various devices and even more. Below you will find a list with the features highlight accompanied by screenshots for better overview. Stay tuned for this new Dreamweaver tool coming on Wednesday!

What You Missed This Week

This week was full with showcases and it was all about our newly updated Universal CSS Navigation Menu which comes with great improvements. So be sure to check them out on the product page. Now you have the chance to benefit from the special price and save 50% because it's on Sale until next Wednesday. You can take a sneak peak for our upcoming new extension - DMXzone Timepicker. If you missed anything during this week below is the complete list of DMXzone content.

DMXzone Timepicker Coming Next Week

Our developers have been working on a new Dreamweaver extension for quite some time now and today we'll give you a sneak preview of what is coming up next week. The DMXzone Timepicker is the best solution when you need to integrate time inputs in your form easily. This tool is supplied with 24 designer skins, international time formats, many options for the timepicker appearance, navigation and even add amazing animation effects when the time picker opens/closes.The great news is that it can be used as a stand alone extension and also as an Add-on for the DMXzone Calendar 2.

Stay tuned for the features in detail coming on Monday to find out what we also packed in this extension.

Showcase: Pinned Universal CSS Navigation Menu

Here's another awesome idea how you can customize your Universal CSS Navigation Menu and pinned it to the side of your website. Also you can add small thumbnails to the different section to give your user greater experience when browsing the pages. If you missed what's new in the Universal CSS Navigation Menu, you can check the list of improvements here. Keep in mind that this Dreamweaver extension is currently on sale and you can have it with 50% off until next Wednesday.

Universal CSS Navigation Menu Improved and on Sale

Today we introduce you the updated version of our Universal CSS Navigation Menu extension that lets you create all kind of great web site navigation menus such as Cascading Drop down Menus, Mega Menus, Popup or Context Menus. It comes with many improvements like better CSS styling, jQuery 1.7.2, improved DMXzone Behavior Connector and other behaviors from DMXzone extensions, and more...

Check our latest showcase below to see how easy it is to style your menu and get this tool with a significant 50% off!

Designer Mega Menu with Universal CSS Navigation Menu

We're starting the week with an amazing showcase of Mega menu created with DMXzone Universal CSS Navigation Menu extension. For this particular demo webpage we edited the CSS in order to match the page design, something you can easily do if you follow the Styling the Universal CSS Navigation Menu article that we released last week. Check out what we designed below and stay tuned for the upcoming update of this tool tomorrow!

What You Missed This Week

This week was full with showcases in which we gave you ideas what you can do with our extensions. Part from that we have two new updates for you - Sliding Billboard and CSS Image Gallery. Be sure to check out the new improvements on the product pages. To celebrate the upcoming weekend now you can benefit from the special prices and get these stunning extensions with 50% off. If you missed something this week below you can find a complete list of the released DMXzone content.

CSS Image Gallery with Improved Integration and Slick Usage

It's been couple of months since we last spoke about our most popular gallery, the CSS Image Gallery, and today it comes improved and with a fantastic new demo, where you can see how easy it's to style it the way you like it. Creating awesome pure CSS galleries has never been easier and on top of that with fluid navigation and image thumbs. To spice up this update we also offer the CSS Image Gallery with 50% off until next Wednesday.

Sliding Billboard with Improved Capabilities

As promised earlier this week, here's the new and improved version of our awesome Sliding Billboard extension. Along with the improved integration with dynamic data, Dreamweaver integration and installer for CS5.5+/ Mac DW CS6, we also added the latest mouse wheel plug-in and jQuery 1.7.2.

If you still don't have the Sliding Billboard until next Wednesday you can get it at half price so hurry up.

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