What You Missed This Week

This week, we have released the DMXzone Tabs and improved two of our most popular extensions, the DMXzone Calendar 2 and Facebook Fan Page, so that you can keep creating amazing websites that use the latest technologies available for web development. Check out the amazing features of our DMXzone Tabs and the live demo that showcases how you can organize any reach content like images and videos into different sections on a single page. We've put the Facebook Fan Page and DMXzone Tabs on sale, so hurry up to save big with their special prices!

Facebook Fan Page Improved and On Sale

After the release of the DMXzone Tabs, comes a new version of our popular Facebook Fan Page. We've improved the extension installation for DW CS 5.5+ and now you can build new Facebook Fan Gates or keep them up to date within the latest versions of Dreamweaver. This amazing extension is all you need when looking for an easy way to customize your Facebook Fan Page Tabs. It enables you to use all the DMXzone extensions and empower your Fan Gates!

If you still don't have the Facebook Fan Page, for a limited time you can get it on a discounted price!

Creating Multi Language Insert Record Page

In today's video tutorial we will show you how to avoid the creating of numerous insert record pages if you have a multi language website and design only one with various tabs for each language, that will save your records automatically. In order to make a multi language insert record page all you need is our Advanced HTML Editor 3 and the newly released DMXzone Tabs so check out the video below!

DMXzone Tabs Official Release

Today, we're happy to announce that the DMXzone Tabs extension is officially released! Now you can organize your page into different sections in order to make the navigation of the site easier than ever before and save space. No mater what content you want to display, text, images, videos or even whole pages, with the DMXzone Tabs you can distribute it into multiple sections and be sure that your users can reach any information they need with just a few clicks. Check out the live demo and videos to see what you can do with this amazing Dreamweaver extension!

For a week you can save big with the DMXzone Tabs new product sale so hurry up.

DMXzone Calendar 2 Compatible with DMXzone Tabs

We thought it might be a great idea to make our newly released DMXzone Tabs extension compatible with the DMXzone Calendar 2 and here's the result! Now you can add an awesome date picker within your Tabs content, choose the calendar design from the style picker and more so check out what's new below.

DMXzone Tabs Features in Detail Unveiled

It become a tradition to unveil some secrets before the official release of a new Dreamweaver extension and today is not an exception. In this blog post we will show you the awesome features packed in the upcoming DMXzone Tabs and what you can do with it in a few mouse clicks.

What You Missed This Week

If you missed us this week, this is the summary of the content, updates and more that we released during the last seven days. Along with the major updates of Advanced HTML Editor 3 and its Add-ons we also put them on sale with a great discount until next Wednesday. Also, you can check out the 24 CSS styles included in the upcoming release for DMXzone Tabs.

DMXzone Tabs to be Released Soon
We have a great news we're willing to share with you today. Our developers are currently working on a new Dreamweaver extension called DMXzone Tabs, which will allow you to divide your rich content into multiple sections/tabs and present it in 24 different CSS styles! It's extremely easy to edit and you can do all that fully visually in Dreamweaver. Stay tuned for the features in detail coming on Monday, where you'll find out about more awesome stuff you can do with this extension.
Advanced HTML Editor 3 & Add-ons Update for iDevices

For all of you that got excited to try out the newly updated Advanced HTML Editor 3 on their iPads/iPhones - it's out and can be downloaded from its product page! Our developers also added new amazing HTML code mode with color coding, new smart CSS styles dropdown! Now you can style specific elements like images and tables with their own dedicated classes! Also you can add multiple styles to elements.

For those of you that still don't have the editor and its add-ons, we put discount prices until next Wednesday so be quick and get them now to save big!

Setting Initial Date in the Updated DMXzone Calendar 2

Do to the many questions that we received recently about setting up today's date as an initial date in the DMXzone Calendar 2, today we will show you the magic in only 43 seconds. Also, we have updated the calendar because of an installation bug that we were informed about so check out the video and update your time picker! If you still don't have this extensions you can take a look at its product page and enjoy the many demos and video tutorials we collected.

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