Urban Photography Dreamweaver Template

This Friday, we have another awesome free Dreamweaver template, created by our most talented designer Teodor Kuduschiev. With only 3 extensions he created a stunning website, which is suitable if you want to share your fantastic artwork with full-sized images and great site navigation. Check out this amazing design and get the template for free!

Restaurant Facebook Fan Page Tab

If you want to share a mini version of your official web site with your Facebook fans, now it's easier than ever. In today's showcase we will show you how to combine 5 amazing DMXzone extension in order to create a custom tab for your Facebook page. Also for your non fans we've designed a welcome landing page with different content.

Facebook Fan Page Released and on Sale!

Today we're proud to announce that the Facebook Fan Page is officially released and now you can create stunning Facebook pages that will blow your fans' minds! Building easy Fan Gates is one of the most efficient ways to increase your online presence across the social networking platforms. You can add galleries, players, etc and simply share it with your fans on Facebook.

Until next Wednesday you can get the Facebook Fan Page with an amazing discount so hurry up!

Facebook Fan Page Features in Detail

A day before the official release of Facebook Fan Page, we gathered the features included in this extension and here they are. This awesome tool will give you access to all the needed settings for Facebook pages, create your own pages directly in Dreamweaver with a real time preview, and add security to prevent from abuse.

Facebook Fan Page on its Way!

In the last couple of years Facebook has become a great advertising place for any business and to be able to compete you need an awesome custom design Facebook Fan page in order to draw attention to you. DMXzone developers team has been working on a new extension that will make your life easier so you can add any PHP/ASP page you've created in Dreamweaver to your Facebook page. With the Facebook Fan Page you can also create different designs for fans and no fans of the page, which you can test locally before uploading to Facebook.

What You Missed This Week

This week, we have another new Dreamweaver extension, the DMXzone reCAPTCHA, and a new Feed Genie & Supersized bundle. Also our Christmas Sale already started. We'll have different special offers for you every day until December 25th. So check out the green boxes daily and grab them before it's too late! Have a look at the summary of the week below!

960 Grid 2.0 Available also on DMXzone
Since the official release of 960 Grid System 2.0 couple of weeks ago, we received numerous emails from users that don't have Facebook accounts, so today we'll make it public also on DMXzone. The extension is again for free and can be downloaded from our Free extensions section.
Empowered Feed Genie Meets DMXzone Supersized

We have an updated version of the Feed Genie extension that comes with many improvements and Geo Location fields available for Flickr, Picasa and YouTube. Together with the DMXzone Supersized you can connect your Picasa/Flickr account and use it as a source for your images. Both extensions are packed in the Feed Genie & Supersized bundle pack.

DMXzone Christmas Sale Already Started
It's finally December and at the DMXzone office we already feel the holiday spirit around us. The beginning of our favorite winter month also marks the start of our annual Christmas sale that will continue until December 25th. Every day we will have different extensions on sale with 20% discount so make sure that you check the boxes on our left sidebar to see what's been discounted.
DMXzone reCAPTCHA Released with a Discount for a Limited Time!

Here it is, the ultimate spam protector - DMXzone reCAPTCHA. Protect your site with CAPTCHA, secure your login and registration forms, posts, emails or any other form from spam bots and worms. DMXzone reCAPTCHA supports PHP and ASP server models and can be used with the Universal Form Validator ASP/PHP. Check out the amazing Restaurant reservation demo we've created!

Only for a week you can get this extension with a discount so hurry up!

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