Ajax DataGrid and Event Calendar with 50% Off until Next Wednesday

This week, we have our Ajax extensions - Ajax DataGrid and Ajax Event Calendar on the list. Not only they were updated and improved but for the next 7 days you'll have the chance to get them with 50% discount. Also, we have a new demo bellow that will show you how to combine both extensions effectively in your daily work.

Build Mobile Websites and Apps For Smart Devices Winners

After a week of competition we have our five lucky winners that will enjoy a free copy of Sitepoint's Build Mobile Websites and Apps For Smart Devices e-book. From all the emails we received we have five winners who will be notified via e-mail. Congratulations and stay tuned for more books and online trainings coming soon!

Google Maps and CSS Menu Extensions Updated with latest jQuery

We've updated DMXzone Google Maps and Universal CSS Navigation Menu with the latest jQuery 1.6.3. You can purchase each extensions on a sale price with €10/$13 cheaper, until next Tuesday. Owners of the extensions can update their copies for free! Stay tuned, because we will release two other updated extensions tomorrow!

Tech Store with Four Dreamweaver Extensions in Minutes

We continue with the series of inspiring showcases where we use DMXzone extensions in order to create beautiful and fully functional web sites. Today we will give you an idea what you can do with the Universal CSS Navigation Menu, Sliding Menu, Sliding Billboard and the Advanced CSS Animator so check out the demo! Stay tuned because tomorrow we will release the full template in our Template section.

What We Watch this Week: Photoshop Curves Workshop

The Curves adjustment in Photoshop has a reputation for being daunting, challenging, and for some photographers, even scary. But there’s no need to be frightened if you know your way around. In this workshop, Photoshop expert Tim Grey will take you step by step through every aspect of the Curves adjustment, helping you truly understand the concepts behind it so that you can quickly and easily maximize tonal range, optimize contrast, and enhance your photos´ color balance.

We have a mini-review coming up soon and you'll have the chance to win one of the 3 free coupons that Video2Brain are giving away!  

What You Missed This Week

It's Friday and that's the day we summarize all the hot topics from the past week, packed in a nice list for your review. We updated all our Free Universal CSS Transforms extensions with the latest jQuery 1.6.3 and more, so check out the summary to be sure you didn't miss anything.

Photoshop Selections Workshop Winners
We have free access coupons for 3 lucky winners that joined our competition: Photoshop Selections Workshop. If you missed this amazing course from Video2Brain it's in our Reviews section along with some other fantastic and useful books, mobile devices and online trainings.
More Free CSS Transforms Extensions Updated

We started this week with the updated Universal CSS Transforms: Skew and Flip and today, we have the rest of the series(Translate, Rotate and Scale) packed up with the latest jQuery 1.6.3. If you still don't have these free extensions, now is the right time to get them.

Mini-review & Competition: Build Mobile Websites and Apps For Smart Devices

If you're interested in building websites and applications for smart devices you might want to check out the Build Mobile Websites and Apps For Smart Devices book from Sitepoint. Along with our mini-review, which can be found in our reviews section, we have also a competition, where you can win one of the 5 free e-books.

Universal CSS Transforms Get Newest jQuery

For the last couple of weeks we've been updating our HTML5 extensions and now we have the Universal CSS Transforms on the row. If you are not familiar with the Transforms extensions you should check our Dreamweaver free collection of useful tools! Today, Universal CSS Transforms: Skew and Flip are updated with the jQuery 1.6.3.

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