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DMXzone Slider Meets CSS Animator and HTML5 Slideshow

With our newest showcase we will give you more ideas what you can do with our latest Dreamweaver extension - DMXzone Slider and other DMXzone tools such as HTML5 Slideshow and Advanced CSS Animator. Rotation and zoom can be done easily with just few clicks and your images will impress anyone so check out the demo below!

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DMXzone Slider Released and on Sale

For the past few days, you've seen the user interface, the awesome featured that our developers added, and also how it work on the web. Today, we're proud to announce our newest member of the DMXzone extensions family - the DMXzone Slider. In order to explore its endless power, you can check out the number of video tutorials that we created, as well as the user manual and the demos.

Until next Wednesday you can benefit from our New product sale and get the DMXzone Slider cheaper so be quick!

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DMXzone Slider in Action

Here it is - our first showcase with the upcoming DMXzone Slider, the new member of the DMXzone extensions family. This tool will help you improve your web design presentation and add sliders to your page. With the user friendly interface you will have no problems to enrich your forms. Sliders can be set with horizontal or vertical orientation along with other great features that you can use for your needs. Stay tuned for the official release tomorrow!
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DMXzone Slider Features Unveiled

Last Friday we gave you a sneak preview of our upcoming release for DMXzone Slider and today, we have the whole list of Features in detail for your review. Among them you will find how useful the DMXzone Slider can be with its amazing 24 fully customizable CSS designs, vertical and horizontal orientation, range options, binding abilities to hidden fields and many more. Stay tuned for our newest Dreamweaver extension coming on Wednesday!

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What You Missed This Week

This week was full of showcases, videos and great improvements for our famous Advanced HTML Editor 3. Additionally we put it on sale with 50% off so until next Wednesday you can save big! You can take a look at our sneak preview for the upcoming release of DMXzone Slider next week and if you missed anything during the week, below is the complete list of DMXzone content.

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DMXzone Slider Extension Coming Soon

We have a new and amazing extension called DMXzone Slider coming up next week on DMXzone. Today we will give you a sneak preview of the extremely easy to use User Interface. With this extension you can enrich your forms and let the users choose values intuitive by just sliding the control. You can limit the slider values and have a range slider allowing users to select from and to. Ensure that your forms always have the correct values by using the slider and specifying range limits. The DMXzone Slider is supplied with 24 designs, that can be styled from the CSS, and can control other DMXzone extensions such as DMXzone Tabs and Sliding Billboard.

Stay tuned for the Features in details coming on Monday!

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Editing Live in Facebook with Advanced HTML Editor 3

In today's demo we'll show you how to edit live your Facebook page using four of our finest Dreamweaver extensions. For the purpose we combined the Facebook Fan Page with our Advanced HTML Editor 3 and Sliding Billboard. When you need to update your page you can do it fairly easy in a moment, just hit the edit button and the admin panel will open in a DMXzone Lightbox.

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Advanced HTML Editor 3 Updated and on Sale

In this blog article we bring you the new and improved version of the Advanced HTML Editor 3. Don't let yourself spend valuable hours editing you page, with our Advanced HTML Editor 3 you can do it in just a matter of clicks. In addition to the features that we shared with you yesterday we also added support for dynamic editor name attribute for support with ADDT. Read on to explore the full update list below.

For a limited time you can get the Advanced HTML Editor 3 with 50% discount!

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Responsive Admin Panel Demo with Adv HTML Editor 3

In today's showcase we used our amazing Advanced HTML Editor 3 extension and one of the most famous CSS frameworks -Twitter Bootstrap in order to create a Responsive Admin Panel page. The editor and the menu are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices to provide a consistent user experience that you can view in the screenshots below and also test it live! In our recent update of Advanced HTML Editor 3 we improved the compatibility with CSS frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap and 960 Grid System so it works like a charm!

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A Week of Advanced HTML Editor 3

It has never been easier to edit your web site in a couple of seconds. With the Advanced HTML Editor 3 you can do quick editing of your pages. The editor is very clean and simple to use and saves you a lot of time, just like editing in MS Word. In our upcoming update, we've included restyled built-in dialogs for consistency and also made it user friendlier on touch devices. Additionally, we improved the compatibility with CSS frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap and 960 Grid System. Stay tuned for the complete list of updates coming tomorrow!


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