New Support System Coming on DMXzone

In an effort to improve more and more our support system we're about to implement new forums to the DMXzone, which will be online pretty soon. In this blog post we'll guide you through the many useful options you can use in order to get a quick and efficient response to your question, suggestion or problem with any of our Dreamweaver extensions. You can search for an answer before posting a new topic, rate other users answers, confirm existing problem and many many more, so check them out!

Event Calendar, Date Pickup & Tooltips Bundle 2 Released

Today, we've decided to extend the functionality of both the DMXzone Calendar 2 and Ajax Event Calendar, adding the Advanced Tooltips to a discount package called Event Calendar, Date Pickup & Tooltips bundle 2. With this three amazing Dreamweaver extensions you can create and awesome date picker, connected to an event calendar, which displays additional info for an event in a tooltip. You can check out the demo below to see what we're talking about!

DMXzone Calendar 2 Updated and with New Video Tutorial

Due to the many user requests since the release of the DMXzone Calendar 2, we filmed a video tutorial on how to create a date range selector for a reservation form, which you can watch below. Also the new date picker has been updated with improved copy between two calendars action in the Control behavior and improved working with dynamic data sources.

Binding DMXzone Calendar 2 and Ajax Event Calendar Video Tutorial

In today's video we will explore the combining of DMXzone Calendar 2 and Ajax Event Calendar so that you can display detailed information about the events on your site. In this step-by-step tutorial you can follow our QA & design guru Teodor Kuduschiev, who will show you how to bind both extensions in Dreamweaver.

If you still don't have those extensions, now it the right time to get them because both are coming with a significant discount for a limited time!

DMXzone Calendar 2 Meets the Updated Ajax Event Calendar!

Following your requests from the past week, today we'll show you how to combine effectively the fully rewritten DMXzone Calendar 2 with the updated Ajax Event Calendar in order to share your events in a great way on your website. For a limited time until 23rd January you can get the Ajax Event Calendar with more than 50% off so hurry up!

What You Missed This Week

This week, we have for you another amazing Dreamweaver extension. The completely rewritten DMXzone Calendar 2 is perfect for anyone who needs a fully customizable date picker  that supports dynamic dates and server formats. Be sure to check out the live demos and video tutorials we've built and explore the many options available! Until next Wednesday you can get this great extension on the special price of €29/$39 so hurry up! We've also updated the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and now it's fully compatible with our new calendar.

Holiday Reservation System with DMXzone Calendar 2

Today, we will show you how to build a reservation system with the DMXzone Calendar 2. In the first part we designed a demo version of a website with the form and in the second you can watch a video tutorial how to do that in Dreamweaver. If you still don't have the DMXzone Calendar 2, make sure to do that soon because it's with a special price until 18th January!

The demo website will be available soon as a free template so stay tuned!

DMXzone Calendar 2 Released and on Sale!

The DMXzone Calendar 2 is here! It comes with new extended functionality that will help you keep your site up to date with an amazing date picker. The extension's appearance, navigation and date format are fully customizable. You can even style your special dates with conditional formatting and use our Behavior Connector to bind your calendar to other DMXzone extensions like the Ajax Event Calendar, DMXzone Lightbox, and Advanced HTML Editor 3. Check out the inspiring demos and videos to get an idea how you can give your site that user experience edge, which will satisfy your customers!

For a week you can save big with the DMXzone Calendar 2 new product sale so hurry up. If you already own the DMXzone Calendar, you can benefit from the upgrade price!

Advanced HTML Editor 3 with Great Improvements

Along with the release of our Dreamweaver extension, the DMXzone Calendar 2, comes a new version of our popular Advanced HTML Editor 3. We've improved its compatibility with Spry Tabs, jQuery UI and the new DMXzone Calendar 2. Use the Advanced HTML Editor 3 to easily create and manage rich content online or combine it with the fully customizable date picker so that you can always style your calendar to fit your website and meet its needs.

DMXzone Calendar 2 Features in Detail Unveiled

We're starting the week with a preview of the features packed in our Wednesday release of DMXzone Calendar 2. This great date picker can be easily added to any website, customized by appearance, navigation and date format. Also you can restrict the selectable date ranges and many more. Check out what you can do with it below!

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