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What Our Users Have To Say

This whole week we've been sharing DMXzones stories. You were able to see how it all started, also from the side of DMXzone's founder, and who the people behind DMXzone are. But now it's time to read the stories of the most important people to DMXzone, you. We asked a few of our most committed users what they have to say about the company and how they've experienced using our products in these past years.

Of all these great users we wanted to put a few in the spotlight and share their story with all of you, so we chose the ones who really gave us amazing extensive answers about their own experience. Next week you will be able to read their full stories. For now we wanted to share a little summary of the things we heard the most regarding our products and services.

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The Man Behind DMXzone

In our post on Wednesday The Story Behind DMXzone, we took you all the way back to the start of DMXzone. You could see all of the highlights from 15 years back until now. It's interesting to see the timeline and to hear the story behind it, but we would also like to show you the story as told by the man behind DMXzone: George Petrov, CEO and founder of the company. Check out the exclusive, in-depth interview we conducted with him.  

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Meet DMXzone's Core Team

Before we get into the story of DMXzone's CEO, let's see who the main characters are in his core team. When asked what they liked most about working at DMXzone all mentioned the great, informal vibe between the team and the ability to work in a field where there is always innovation and growth, and we have the ability to help other people grow with us. But who are these people? Well, that’s what we will find out now.

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The Story Behind DMXzone


It's our greatest pleasure to announce and celebrate DMXzone's 15th Anniversary with you, the users, who are the main reason for our existence!  We're thrilled to share with you this special moment and we thank you for all the amazing years so far. We hope we'll be around for at least another 15 to bring you even more awesome extensions, high-quality content and the best support there is. We're starting this special week with a small timeline from the beginning, 15 years ago, until present days so enjoy and get to know us better.

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Celebrate our 15th Anniversary with 30% Discount

It's time to start our 15th Anniversary week and what better way to do it than with a sale! Until 10th February, 2016 you can get any DMXzone extension and template with 30% discount so make your list ready. Don't forget that the multiple purchase discount also applies and the more extension you get, the cheaper they become. Simply add DMX15YEARS promo code in the shopping cart and you're ready to go!
*The promo code does not apply for subscriptions.
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Meet Dreamweaver's Extended Family

This week we'll be celebrating our 15th anniversary and we are starting our celebration in a great way. We got featured by Adobe as one of the three major companies in the Dreamweaver extension business. Joseph Lowrey , the renowned author of tons of books about the web and web-building tools, such as the Dreamweaver Bible series, posted an amazing article in the Adobe Dreamweaver Blog. This acknowledgement means a lot to us and we couldn't be happier.

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What You Missed This Week

It's already the end of the week but we're getting more and more excited. Next week we'll be celebrating our 15th anniversary and we would like you to joins us. We prepared a lot of interesting stuff about DMXzone, the people working for the company and of course, some surprises, which we can not unveil just yet. So make sure to check us back. Until then, make sure to get all amazing Bootstrap 3 templates that we improved during the week as they're for free!
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A Single Page to Blow your Mind

The last two days we showed you four different Bootstrap 3 templates. Today, we have a single page layout, which features the amazing HMTL5 Parallax Slider 2 and makes it an excellent landing page. The design offers full customization and fits any screen due to its responsiveness. So don't hesitate and download it, because it's free.
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Our Bootstrap 3 Week Continues

If you want to create stunning pages and websites like our showcases, here are two more free Bootstrap 3 templates to get started with. Both are fully responsive so they look awesome on any desktop browser or mobile device and give you the freedom to customize them any way you want. With a few simple adjustments you can pack a full site quickly, which will save you precious time.

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Two Amazing Templates to Start Your Week

Using pre-designed layouts is not only time saving but it also reduces your costs and allow you to reuse them any time you want. So why not use one of our free templates, which are nicely packed at your disposal in our Templates section. You only need to have the required extensions to customize them easily. With the release of DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Components we decided to improve two of our most popular Bootstrap 3 templates. Now you can even install them in your Dreamweaver CC 2015.

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