What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the week, here is our weekly content summary with everything that we released for the last five days. After months of development and many sleepless nights, we finally released Database Connector PHP/ASP and put it on sale for a week. Since then, we created numerous video tutorials and showcases that you can check out in the list below.

DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler Improved

LESS is the language that can speed up your development process significantly! And to make it even quicker, we developed the DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler that does it in a mouse click time, directly in Dreamweaver! It's extremely powerful and lets you use variables, mixins, nested rules and even functions within your CSS. Now, the DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler comes with full support for Dreamweaver CC and the latest LESS CSS 1.4.1

Apply Sort Options on Your Website

As a follow up of our video tutorial on dynamic sorting options that we posted earlier today, now you can experience the results directly in the browser. Our latest showcase features real estate properties that can be sorted with a click of a button. The options offer the users to sort by price, size, number of bedrooms and location. This has been easily created as we applied sortable option to each of the database table column, using Database Connector PHP/ASP.

Dynamic Sorting Options in Database Connector

In today's video tutorial we will show you how to use the sorting options in DMXzone Database Connector dynamically, which is pretty easy once you setup you data source and mark the needed database table columns sortable. This way you can apply the sort options to the buttons that your users can use to sort the returned database results, using different sort criteria. Check out the step by step video tutorial on how to do that and note that the DMXzone Database Connector is available in PHP and ASP version, both available with a special price until next Wednesday!

DMXzone Database Connector Released and on Sale!

It's been a long way since we mentioned the Database Connector at this year's Adobe MAX conference and today we're extremely proud and happy to announce its official release! After months of development and many sleepless nights, finally it's time to open a new chapter and bring you the most advanced technologies available to your Dreamweaver. Check out the numerous video tutorials and showcases that we created with these useful tools, read the user manual and connect to your database even in Dreamweaver CC!

The DMXzone Database Connector is available in PHP and ASP version, both available with a special price until next Wednesday so hurry up!

HTML5 Data Bindings with Full Database Connector Support

With the release of Database Connector PHP/ASP, the HTML5 Data Bindings got updated as well and now it's improved with great new features. Along with the full support for Database Connector PHP/ASP we also included insert show/hide regions, new binding attribute, support for global collections and many more that you can explore below!

Set Up a Connection and Define a Source

Tomorrow's release of DMXzone Database Connector will come with numerous video tutorials and a 120+ pages user manual that will help you work with this amazing extension that is supplied with awesome features. Setting up a database connection and defining a database source is an easy job if you watch our two step by step video tutorials below! Just before we release it in less than 24 hours we'll show you some more how to do tutorials so stay tuned!

Pagination Options Features in Database Connector

In about 24 hours you'll have the amazing opportunity to get the DMXzone Database Connector and experience its power in Dreamweaver. But just before you do that, our developers have another surprise hidden in this awesome extension. They managed to integrate a built-in pagination that uses native paging techniques specific for each database so you don't need to do any SQL magic by yourself. It also has dynamic Ajax alike paging, dynamic page navigation links and show/hide regions, which allow you to make a special conditional region of any data repeating element.

Check out the details below as we're ready to release this fantastic Dreamweaver tool tomorrow!

DMXzone Database Connector Showcase

The DMXzone Developers team is working hard on the final touches on DMXzone Database Connector, which is set for official release in just two days! During the last week we managed to show you almost every single feature that is included in this extremely useful and awesome extension, and today, what better day to experience them live than in a showcase! Check out what our web designer/developer Teodor Kuduschiev achieved with it and stay tuned for more goodies coming tomorrow!

What You Missed This Week

As we're closing the end of our Summer Sale, during the past five days we added 7 more improved extensions that are also currently on sale with 50% discount. If you couldn't follow us during the whole week, you should definitely check out the features in detail series we did on our upcoming Database Connector extension that will be available in PHP and ASP next Wednesday. Below you will find the full list of DMXzone content.

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