Fetching User Details and Filtering Data Sources by User Identity

We have one more video tutorial to accompany the release of DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP. In today's "how to" we'll teach you to fetch user details and filter data sources by user identity. In order to do that you'll need to create data sources using the DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP, create a database security provider, using our latest Dreamweaver tool, use the dmxSecurityId session variable and more that you can watch below.

The DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP is on sale for a week with a special price so hurry up!

DMXzone Security Provider Released and On Sale!

The waiting is over! DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP has been officially released and now you can easily apply advanced security restrictions to your website or web app. You can also secure the access to your database sources and database actions and decide who can access them. Use your own login forms or the supplied Bootstrap modal login form for maximum effect and great user validation! These and many more you can now achieve with the DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP !

The extension comes in ASP and PHP version and with an introduction discount for a week so make sure to get this helpful tool quickly!

Database Connector and Updater Improved for Security Provider

With the release of DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP provider we also improved DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP. Both come with full support for DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP for secure database queries and actions. Also our developers improved greatly the storage and caching of database structure info. It is all store now in the connection file so refreshing when database structure changes is really easy. The full lists of new features and improvement you can read below and on the extensions' product pages.

Fully Rewritten HTML5 Data Bindings Template Engine

The latest version of our HTML5 Data Bindings extension will blow your mind when you see the full list of features and improvements that our developers included. It comes with fully rewritten HMTL5 Data Bindings template engine and now parsing and populating data bindings is mighty fast and powerful. Also, it supports the newest addition to our extensions  - the DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP for secure database queries. These and many more you can check out below!

Security Provider Executor, Behaviors and Data Bindings Integration Features

In our second part of our features in detail series we'll show your the DMXzone Security Provider Executor that allows you to add a security on each page and chose the login methods. Also, you can see how to react on various events on your page, like when user is not logged in yet, call a login box and even more. Last but not least you can explore the amazing HTML5 Data Bindings integration. Stay tuned as the official release of DMXzone Security Provider is tomorrow!

DMXzone Security Provider Site Protection Features

There are only two days until the official release of DMXzone Security Provider extension that allows you to define and enforce your site security fully. In the first part of our features in detail series we'll take a closer look at the options that you'll be using to define your site security provider and also protect a site with a database sources. In the second part, which you can check out tomorrow, you'll see how to add a single page security provider, use the control security provider behaviors and how to display conditional regions on your page depending on the currently logged in user.


DMXzone Security Provider to be Released Next Week

As promised in our DMXzone Extensions Roadmap 2014 blog post, we have one more extension coming before we take a deserved break for the holidays. Next week the DMXzone Security Provider will be available in our extensions sections so check out the sneak preview we prepared for you today. It allows you to apply advanced security restrictions to your website. Secure the access to your Database Sources and Database Actions fully! Now you can decide who has access to what resources on your web site or app. Choose from single static logins to validating users from an existing database and having users with different access levels and rights. Use your own login forms or the supplied Ajax login form for maximum effect!

Advanced Tooltips Supplied with New Styles and on Sale

Today we have an improved version of Advanced Tooltips that comes with full compatibility with the new HTML5 Data Bindings, DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and Database Updater PHP/ASP. Also we added a few new styles and more improvements that you can read in the list below. Don't forget to check out our latest video and showcase where we'll show you how to use this awesome DMXzone extension together with other useful tools!

Until next Wednesday the Advanced Tooltips is available with a discount in our Extensions section!

Swiss Web Factory Website with DMXzone Extensions

Today, we present you an awesome piece of work that André Bender, the highly talented founder of Swiss Web Factory and long time DMXzone user accomplished, using the Dynamic Database Connectivity Collection PHP. He started designing and programming websites in 1996 and founded his company in 2001, which is based in Basel, Switzerland. So check out his amazing skills and get inspired from the great job that he did, implementing DMXzone Database extensions on his website.

Multi-step Form with Dependable Dynamic Dropdowns

Recently, we received a user request on how to create multi-step form with dependable dynamic dropdowns and today we have an amazing step by step video tutorial to cover the process. We used the Dynamic Database Connectivity Collection PHP but it also applies for ASP users of the same collection. For the purpose of this movie we also used DMXzone Tabs. If you follow the instructions you'll need to create data sources, add the dependable dynamic dropdowns in each tab, apply the disable tabs behavior on page load and add continue buttons that are attached to tab behaviors.

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