DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Features Unveiled

We're just two days away from the official release of DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and as always, today we'll show you some of the awesomeness packed in it. DMXzone Bootstrap 3 is now responsive by default! There are four grid systems so it makes it easy to create great-looking web pages and web apps, and their designs are automatically compatible with various devices. It comes with full support for Bootstrap 3 mobile first design and a dedicated floater that gives you a quick access to all the options you need. These and many more great features you can check our below.

Stay tuned for the official release on Wednesday and more insights coming tomorrow!

What You Missed This Week

during the past five days we released numerous showcases to inspire you, while working with DMXzone extensions. Also our developers announced new versions of HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP. To top all of this, we published a sneak preview of our upcoming extension - DMXzone Bootstrap 3, which is due for release next week. For the full list of content, please check below!

DMXzone Bootstrap 3 is Coming Next Week

We have amazing news to share with you today. DMXzone Bootstrap 3 is on its way and will make its official appearance on next week! Due to the many emails we received since the release of Twitter Bootstrap 3, our developers gave their best to make it happen. On 23 January it will be available as a Dreamweaver extension. As easy to use as the previous version, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 comes supercharged with the latest Bootstrap 3 features and great new ones, integrated in Dreamweaver. Below you'll find a sneak preview of what is coming so stay tuned for more info coming on Monday!

DMXzone Security Provider Improved and on Sale

One more extension from the HTML5 Data Bindings family got updated this week - the DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP. Now, you can allow to run and use the Security Provider without the DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP but you should note that you will be able to define a single user or a static list of users, but you can not connect to a database without the DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP. Both, the PHP and the ASP are improved so if you have them, please update.

Until next Wednesday, the DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP is on sale with a special price!

HTML5 Data Bindings with Support for "Compact" Google Feed Types
This week our developers came up with another long list of new features and improvements for our most downloaded Dreamweaver extension - the HTML5 data Bindings! From support for "Compact" Google Feed types, like from YouTube and Picasa to support for paging of public Google feeds and greatly improved Control HTML5 Data Bindings, where the page navigation is now a separate option, it's all packed in HTML5 Data Bindings 1.5.0. You can check out our latest showcase where we featured some of these new stuff and the complete list of improvements below.
DMXzone Nivo Slider Makes All the Difference

Present your images in a fantastic slider with the choice of 16 unique transition effects. Supplied with many awesome CSS skins and great looking navigation control, the DMXzone Nivo Slider can be customized through the CSS to fit any website design perfectly like we did in our latest showcase that you can check out below! Note that the DMXzone Nivo Slider is currently on sale and you can get it with a discount until Wednesday so make sure that you add it to your extensions collection!

What You Missed This Week

Here's our weekly content summary that features all articles, showcases and video tutorials that we released during the past five days. Our developers packed new versions of HTML5 Slideshow and DMXzone Nivo Slider that are now fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11 and are improved for using them as add-ons for Advanced HTML Editor 3. Both extensions are on sale with a special price until next Wednesday so hurry up. The full list you'll find below.

HTML5 Slideshow Gets More Power and a Discount

The great thing about HTML5 Slideshow is that you can use it as a standalone extension as well as an Add-on in Advanced HTML Editor 3. Its 1.5.0 version comes with great support for Internet Explorer 11 and also with the latest jQuery 1.10.2 so you can create mind-blowing HTML5 presentations with it. The amazing Ken Burns moving effect is an awesome feature that you can check out in our latest showcase below.

The HTML5 Slideshow is on sale until next week so now is the time to add it in your shopping cart if you still don't have it.

DMXzone Nivo Slider Improved and on Sale

With the recent power boost of our most advanced HTML Editor 3, the DMXzone Nivo Slider also got improved and today it comes with greater compatibility as add-on in Advanced HTML Editor 3. Also our developers added full support for Internet Explorer 11 and the latest jQuery 1.10.2. Additionally, there are new toolbar icons for the Bootstrap style of Advanced HTML Editor 3.

Just for a week the DMXzone Nivo Slider is on sale with a special price so hurry up if you still don't have the most awesome jQuery image slider in your Dreamweaver extensions collection.

Ajax Autocomplete and Google Maps Meet Again
Our first design inspiration for this year features two of our latest Dreamweaver extensions and two of our very well-known ones. Today's showcase is a simple blog page where you can easily add cities without the need to type the full names, thanks to the great Ajax Autocomplete, which does it for you. The mighty DMXzone Google Maps displays the locations and the HTML5 Data Bindings, together with the DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP stores them in your database. From the created list, you can view each location on the map by simply clicking the map button.
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