Database Updater Action Executor Features

In our second part of the features in detail series we'll present you the features packed in the Database Updater Action Executor, which is part of the upcoming DMXzone Database Updater extension. Database Action Executors let you run a database action with specific data assigned. So if you have defined to use a database action to update your database table columns, now with the Database Action Executor you can assign the values for those columns. That is why you define a database action globally to your site, so it can be reused, but define a specific executor on your current page where your data is in for example some form with fields.

What You Missed This Week

Again, it's Friday and it's time for our weekly content summary that features all the content highlights from the past five days. This week we released new awesome extensions packages - Dynamic Web Store Collection PHP and ASP. With these tools you can connect to your database easily even in Dreamweaver CC and create your fully powered web shop with just a few clicks. Also, do not forget to check out the sneak preview of our upcoming DMXzone Database Updater.

Database Updater Action Builder Features

In the first part of our series we will take a closer look at the DMXzone Database Updater Action Builder features. A database action defines a single global action for your site that executes a record insert, update or delete. You can have as many database actions as you wish and you can reuse them on multiple pages. Each database action just defines the database table it is operating on, which columns receive values and if any filters are applied for record selection. Database actions are executed by the so called Database Action Executors fully thought AJAX , so that you can execute them without any page refresh! We will talk more about the Database Action Executors on Monday so stay tuned.

DMXzone Database Updater PHP and ASP Coming Next Week

We usually announce the good news on Friday but we couldn't wait until tomorrow so we're happy to announce that our developers have been working on a DMXzone Database Updater that will allow you to insert, update and delete records from your data source. The extension will be available in both PHP and ASP versions and will give your DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP the needed tools to manage the database actions and their executors. No more server behaviors, it's time to open a new chapter in the web development and bring you the latest technologies within Dreamweaver. Stay tuned as we're going to unveil part of the amazing features packed in these two amazing extensions tomorrow!

Dynamic Web Store Collections for PHP and ASP

Using only four DMXzone extensions, you can build dynamic, fully responsive web stores with amazing shopping experience for your clients. Connect to your database easily even in Dreamweaver CC and create your fully powered web shop with just a few clicks. Now it's all possible with our latest Dynamic Web Store Collection PHP/ASP that feature all the needed tools to do that.

Dynamic Locations on DMXzone Google Maps

In today's video tutorial we'll walk you step by step through the process of showing dynamic locations on your map, using DMXzone Google Maps and HTML5 Data Bindings. All you need to do is add a repeat region with your dynamic locations, add a button inside the repeat region, and use the control behaviors Add Marker and Pan To Location with the city and address data elements.

Change the Page Layout in Real Time with HTML5 Data Bindings

We're starting the week with a new awesome Portfolio Grid Page where we'll show you how you can change the page layout without refreshing the page in real time. For the purpose of this showcase we used only HTML5 Data Bindings extension and its global $FORM object as bindings, without a data source. From the dropdown menu you can easily explore the different layout by selecting the desired one so check out the page below.

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the past few days, here's our weekly content summary that features all video tutorials, showcases and other stuff that we released this week. We packed another collection of DMXzone extensions called - Interactive Designer Collection. It includes HTML5 Data Bindings, DMXzone Bootstrap, DMXzone Bootstrap Elements and Advanced CSS Animator. Check out the full list below.

Animating HTML5 Data Bindings Detail Region

Today we have an awesome video tutorial in which we'll guide you through the process of animating an HTML5 Data Bindings detail region, using the Advanced CSS Animator extension. We showed you in our yesterday's Interactive Designer Collection showcase how it looks like on the web, now you can do it yourself in a few easy steps following the movie that you can watch below.

Interactive Designer Collection Released

This week we have another great pack of free and commercial DMXzone extensions called Interactive Designer Collection. With this set of greatly useful Dreamweaver tools you'll be able to design CSS based and responsive layouts with elements, and also add great animations and animate virtually any CSS property. The collection includes extensions such as HTML5 Data Bindings, DMXzone Bootstrap, DMXzone Bootstrap Elements and Advanced CSS Animator. Check out below what you can achieve with these fantastic tools!

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