Sliding Side Panel with Universal CSS Transforms: Translate

There's one free extension that has the ability to create amazing sliding side panels for your pages and this is the Universal CSS Transforms: Translate! In order to do that, you just simply need to experience its awesome functionality that allows you to move any HTML element, independent of their positioning. With this effect you can move images, text or a DIV container with all kind of elements in it. To make it even easier for you, we have a great video tutorial below with a few easy steps that will help you create your sliding side panel!

Make Any Text Responsive for Various Devices

The DMXzone Responsive Text is a great Dreamweaver tool if you want to create a fully responsive text and headings for various devices. Along with the extremely easy customization of your text, you can add multiple lines, block elements, and also have a great Dreamweaver design preview. This awesome tool also comes with the latest jQuery 1.10.1 and improved support for Dreamweaver CC.

Check out what you can do with the DMXzone Responsive Text in our showcase below and get it now as it's with 50% off until next Thursday!

Sliding Billboard Comes Improved and on Sale
Today, we offer you another way to achieve an awesome interactive image presentation with the fully improved Sliding Billboard. Now you can organize your work greatly in a virtual book, which auto scrolls and enable your users to slide from page to page naturally. To see how you can combine three Sliding Billboards on the same page, check out or showcase below and get this tool as it's with 50% discount for a week!
Style Your Forms and Stunn Your Users with DMXzone Uniform

With the DMXzone Uniform extension you can achieve exactly the same form styling in all browsers. This great tool allows you to style any drop down menu, file field, radio button, checkbox and input, directly in Dreamweaver. Today, it comes improved for Dreamweaver CC and with the latest jQuery 1.10.1 and is also included with an amazing showcase in our Summer Sale with 50% discount.

Do not forget to check out which other amazing extensions are on sale and benefit from the multiple purchase discount for buying 2+ tools at once!

Enhance Your Images with Animation Effects, Filters and More

We're starting the week with the announce of another great extension that has been updated, the HTML5 Image Enhancer! With this amazing tool you can create real-time animation effects, reflections, gradients, image filters and transition with only few clicks. Even the non HTML5 compatible Internet Explorer will display the awesome effects, thanks to the special fall back method, that will use Flash. So check out the newly designed showcase and get this Dreamweaver extension because it's with 50% discount for a week!

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the week, here's our content summary with the latest showcases, videos and extensions updates. We improved and added to the Summer Sale the DMXzone Lightbox, DMXzone Nivo Slider, HTML5 Slideshow, Feed Ticker and Universal CSS Transforms: Flip. Also, don't forget to check out the amazing video by Paul Trani that will show you how to add dynamic content using Dreamweaver CC and HTML5 Data Bindings.

Paul Trani from Adobe Shows How to Add Dynamic Content Using HTML5 Data Bindings

As Senior Worldwide Creative Cloud Evangelist for Adobe, Paul Trani focuses on workflows that empower designers and developers to create amazing interactive content for the web and mobile devices. He has been an Adobe Certified Instructor and courseware creator for over a decade and today he's going to show you how to add dynamic content to a website using Dreamweaver CC and HTML5 Data Bindings extension. Make sure to download the extension because it's very useful and free!

Flip Any Image or HTML Content with Amazing 3D Effect
Just a few hours before we head for the weekend, we have one more updated extension - the Universal CSS Transforms: Flip that allows you to flip any image or HTML content in an amazing 3D with a different one on its back, all with just CSS and jQuery. Below, you can check out our latest showcase were you can experience this powerful extension directly in your browser. Make sure to download it because it's free!
Show Dynamically the Latest News, Photos and More with Feed Ticker

For the last couple of weeks the number of DMXzone extensions that already use the latest jQuery 1.10.1 increased and Feed Ticker is no exception. Today, it also comes with an improved compatibility with Dreamweaver CC, the new redesigned Behavior Connector and more. Enable intelligent feed recognition with this great Dreamweaver tool in order to present thumbnail information regardless of the feed source while taking care of great visual effects.

For a week time you can get the Feed Ticker with 50% discount as part of the DMXzone Summer Sale!

HTML5 Slideshow Joins Improved the Summer Sale

We receive questions about the difference between DMXzone Nivo Slider and HTML5 Slideshow quite often. Both extensions offer an amazing image presentation and after yesterday's update of our Nivo Slider extension it's time that we bring you a newer, improved version of our other popular slider - the HTML5 Slideshow that brings your photos to life with the highest animation quality.

Now you don't have to choose between them because both are with 50% discount and if you purchase them together you'll also benefit from the multiple purchase discount as well so hurry up! The offer expires next Wednesday.

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