More Awesome Features Come to HTML5 Video Player

January 31, 2011

Coming in two days!

Two days before the official release of HTML5 Video Player our developer keep on adding more and more features to this fantastic Dreamweaver extension. It's extremely easy to implement an HTML5 Video Player in your website, using the HTML5 Video Player user interface and today we'll show you how it looks like.

The Story

HTML5 Video Player Dreamweaver UI:

Support for all browsers, deviced and consoles

  • Support for all HTML5 Video formats needed for the different browsers - In order to play your HTML5 Videos on every browser, device or even consoles, you can use Miro Video Converter, the still beta service or HandBreak to convert your videos.
  • Built-in support for - This service is still in beta test but it allows you to point your video and get an unique link that supports any browser, device and console.

Video Playlist and Recordset

  • Playlist support - You can add as many videos as you want in a playlist and the prev/next button automatically apear on the video player skin.
  • Video URL from a Dreamweaver database/recordset - You can choose file from a database/recordset.


  • General Poster - We've added a default poster that is visible before the video starts
  • Allow Fullscreen - the videos can be previewed on fullscreen

Controls and Navigation

  • Auto Play - The video can load automatically once the website is open.
  • Loop - The loop offers you an endless repeat of the video playlist
  • Controls - Easy to navigate controls to stop, pause, mute, control the volume, play next and previous.
  • Enable Keyboard - By enabling it you can also navigate the video with your keyboard
  • Auto Next - The player loads automatically the next movie in your playlist.

Accessibility and Connectivity

  • Fully Controlable by Behaviors - You can design your own navigation buttons and bind them to the player through the Behavior Connector
  • An inline property inspector - The property inspector enables you to change several options after you've created the video player.



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Great! Can we play ads before video starts?

February 1, 2011 by Joe D

HTML5 Video Player Playlist

February 1, 2011 by Lubov Cholakova

With the playlist possibility you can put an Ad as a first video and than the normal video to follow.

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