Ajax AutoComplete 1.0.7 Live and Packed with DMXzone Google Maps

July 6, 2011

Upadated version of the Ajax AutoComplete and a bundle with the DMXzone Google Maps

If you followed us this week, you must have seen the great article we post yesterday about the amazing new features that come with the updated version of our Ajax AutoComplete extension. Along with the great Google Search option you can bind it with our latest DMXzone Google maps and while autocompleting the location you're looking for, simply add a marker on a Google Map. If you still don't have the DMXzone Google Maps we packed it together with the Ajax AutoComplete in a discount package called Ajax AutoComplete & Google Maps bundle.

Also we have a Blitz 48h sale on the Ajax AutoComplete so be quick and get it with a great price cut.

The Story

What's New in Ajax AutoComplete 1.0.7:

  • Full Google Maps and Address search support - Now, you can autocomplete any address, city, street and country in Google Maps.
  • Autocomplete any address from the Google search automatically - Get suggested locations in real-time as you type.
  • Support for different language selection - The address fields come up in a specific language your choice.
  • Store the found address in more detailed form fields automatically - Choose to store the street, city, state, country and even found Geo location in separate form fields. This will save lots of time for your customers to complete forms with addresses, as those are now auto populated based on the Ajax autocomplete address lookup field!
  • Place a marker for the location with DMXzone Google Maps - Display the found address on Google Maps together with DMXzone Google maps extension.
  • Draggable Marker - Drag the marker from the found address to a different address and automatically change all the other location fields.
  • Choose between short or long address - When splitting the found address in multiple form fields you can choose to either use the long text version of address component in the chosen language or the short version like country code. Useful when you already have a drop down with list of all countries for example and there you want to select the country automatically based on the Ajax AutoComplete address lookup field.

Using Google Search option in Ajax AutoComplete
With this movie we will show you how to use the autocomplete from Google search option in Ajax AutoComplete.


Ajax AutoComplete and Google Maps Bundle

The Bundle contains:


Autocomplete Google Maps Demo

Start filling in your address in the "Address Look Up" field. The Ajax AutoComplete will provide you with a number of options to select from. Once the selection is made the address fields to the right will be populated automatically. To change the address afterwards you can just drag and drop the marker on a new location. 



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