Ajax AutoComplete Gets Recognition!

July 8, 2011

Ajax AutoComplete in action with DMXzone Google Maps and an upcoming Add-on

Autocomplete is an amazing feature that many web browsers provide to save users' time, which main goal is to predict a word or phrase the user wants to type and what can be even greater than a Dreamweaver extension that will do that in your website. And here comes our Ajax AutoComplete, which was updated on Wednesday and now you can autocomplete *any address* in the world. 

Read on to find out more what you can do, when combined with our latest DMXzone Google Maps as well as a sneak preview of an upcoming Add-on, which will complete the trio!

The Story

Basic Usage of Ajax AutoComplete:

During the week we showed you the awesome new features that are added to the Ajax AutoComplete 1.0.7, among which we have a fantastic and quick address lookup and full support for Google Maps. Store the found address in more detailed form fields automatically and short or long addresses are also included and can be explored in more details in Ajax AutoComplete gets supercharged with address lookup and Google maps article in the Blog.

Autocomplete Google Maps Demo


Advanced Usage of Ajax AutoComplete:

Along with the Google maps support we also made it possible to combine the Ajax AutoComplete with the DMXzone Google maps. If you choose to display the found address with DMXzone Google maps extension - the map will display in the selected language as well. You can also place a marker for the location with DMXzone Google Maps and drag it from the found address to a different address and automatically change all the other location fields. More detailed information you can find in Ajax AutoComplete 1.0.7 Live and packed with DMXzone Google Maps article.

Future Usage of Ajax AutoComplete:

We're working on a Google Maps Directions Add-on which will display a route from the Google Maps marker to address entered with Ajax AutoComplete, use the browser current location shows the shortest route automatically and even more. Stay tuned for the features highlights coming soon on DMXzone!


Together Ajax Autocomplete and DMXzone Google Map, it is the tool where am i was searching for.

Good that Ajax Autocomplete can now store the record ID in a hidden field. Now i am able to work fast and good with this record in StoredProcedures.

With the DMXzone Google Maps i will now build up my new applications in a perfect way. What i need was the looking for the X/Y-Lat and Longs. Now i get them. Also to move the marker in the map. Very good. That i can get the google facts in form-fields i can work now with the recordsets. Very good.

Andreas Knapp




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