Nivo Slider for Adv HTML Editor 3 Features in Detail

October 3, 2011

Fully manageable online Nivo Slider, directly in the Adv HTML Editor 3

With the upcoming release of the new version of DMXzone Nivo Slider, this Wednesday, you will have the chance to use it fully integrated into the Advanced HTML Editor 3. When working with it you will be able to create fantastic image sliders with just a few clicks, directly in your editor. Fully manageable online, you can customize them at any point to fit your website design. With multiple sources to upload your images from (File Manager Add-on, Image Gallery Add-on or directly from the computer) the Nivo Slider promises to become an irreplaceable part of the Advanced HTML Editor 3.

Stay tuned for our new fascinating DMXzone Nivo Slider this Wednesday. The update will be free for the users that already own it.

The Story

  • Image upload from your Image Gallery Add-on - If you have the Image Gallery Add-on set in your editor, you can select the images directly from the gallery.
  • Images upload from your File Manager Add-on - If you have the File Manager Add-on set in your editor, you can select the images directly from the manager.
  • Timed transitions on slides - You can specify the duration of the slide and the transitions.
  • Title and URL - You can add title and URL to any image you use for the Nivo Slider and also the titles can be HTML.

  • Fully editable settings - If you decide to change any setting at some later point, you can do that from the user friendly interface, where you can set up how the navigation will work and many other options.


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