The Adv HTML Editor 3 Family Gets More Power

October 5, 2011

Updates are available for Adv HTML Editor 3, Online Page Editor, File Manager and Image Gallery Add-ons

With the release of the updated DMXzone Nivo Slider, we also updated almost the whole Advanced HTML Editor 3 family. The editor comes with great Nivo Slider integration, find and replace functionality, new short-cut keys, DMXzone Lightbox support for links and more. Below you will find a full list of what's new in the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and the Add-ons.

The Story

What's New in Advanced HTML Editor 3.2.0

  • Now with DMXzone Nivo Slider integration
  • New Find and Replace functionality added
  • Separate Find button and Search & Replace button
  • New short-cut keys:
      • CTRL+F : Open find dialog
      • CTRL+H : Open replace dialog
      • F3 : Find next (selection as search parameter)
  • New DW command - Enable Page to have Advanced HTML Editor Content; to be applied on each page that uses content from the editor. It will then also automatically link and copy all needed external files, like CSS and JS libraries.
  • DMXzone Lightbox support in the Link dialog
  • File Manager can now be used as image pickup dialog for add-ons like the DMXzone Nivo Slider
  • Improved compatibility with IE7

What's New in Online Page Editor Add-on 1.2.0

  • Integration with the new DMXzone Nivo Slider
  • Integration with the DMXzone Lightbox
  • Editable Content is now read server-side instead of directly out of the page to preserve all original markup
  • After editable content is saved, the whole page refreshes to allow running of any new widgets/addons.

What's New in File Manager Add-on 1.2.0




What's New in Image Gallery Add-on 1.2.0



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