HTML5 Slideshow as Add-on for Adv HTML Editor 3 Released

October 12, 2011 Source article

The HTML5 Slideshow now can be used as an add-on for the Adv HTML Editor 3

This week, another great DMXzone extension - the HTML5 Slideshow has been updated to work as an Add-on for the Advanced HTML Editor. Also, we improved the interface and context help, and now the options in Dreamweaver generate valid JSON config.

We've built up a live demo where you can check out how the new version of HTML5 Slideshow works. Together with the video tutorials we have, it's pretty easy to create your own slideshows, directly in the editor.

The Story

Hotel Demo

In this demo you can try how the HTML5 Slideshow works as an Add-on for the Advanced HTML Editor 3. In order to open the Online Page Editor - CTRL+SHIFT+2 (username: demo; password: demo). Once you open it, you can choose how to upload the images for the HTML5 Slideshow from 3 different sources: direct upload from your computer, File Manager Add-on or Image Gallery Add-on.


What's New in Advanced HTML Editor 3.2.1:

        • Support for HTML5 Slideshow as Add-on
        • Extended Link dialog with File Manager as file pickup when available!
        • Allow Description to be entered next to title and link in the Link dialog, when used in add-ons like HTML5 Slideshow and DMXzone Nivo Slider
        • Improved filtering of JavaScript code
        • Add-ons can now be fully translatable, just like the editor
        • Various fixes for IE8
        • Improved Dreamweaver integration - now all options generate valid JSON


What's New in HTML5 Slideshow 1.2.0:

        • Now also available as Advanced HTML Editor 3 Add-on!
        • Improved Dreamweaver Interface and context help
        • All options in Dreamweaver now generate valid JSON config



What's New in File Manager Add-on 1.2.1:


        • Use the File Manager as file pickup on the editor Link dialog!
        • Fixed incorrect path when called from Add-ons as File Picker



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