DMXzone Tabs Features in Detail Unveiled

Check out the amazing features of our upcoming DMXzone Tabs extension

It become a tradition to unveil some secrets before the official release of a new Dreamweaver extension and today is not an exception. In this blog post we will show you the awesome features packed in the upcoming DMXzone Tabs and what you can do with it in a few mouse clicks.

The Story

DMXzone Tabs Designs

  • 24 lightweight CSS Designs included - We have chosen to use CSS3 effects like rounded corners and shadows in our CSS designs to make them really pure CSS and very light - so no extra images for many weird CSS hacks are loaded. Also you can edit them to fit your website perfectly

  • Easy to choose style picker - We've included a style picker where you can see a preview of the chosen design

  • Organize your content into multiple tabs - Break your web content into multiple tabs that you can easily navigate between and save space

  • Display any content - You can add rich content into the tabs, such as text, images, videos and even whole pages

  • Fully customizable styles - Our tabs are all CSS based so you can easily make your own adjustments in the CSS from within Dreamweaver's CSS editor

Revolutional Dreamweaver integration

  • All tabs are live rendered in Dreamweaver and can be fully navigated in design view! So you can easily visual switch from tab to tab and edit it right in place! Note that this feature requires Dreamweaver CS3+

  • Add, remove or rearrange tabs - You can add, remove and rearrange tabs from the Inline property inspector

  • Fully resizable - The height of the tabs expands depending on the content but the width can be set manually

  • Toggle sections onClick or on mouse over - You can set your tabs to be switched onClick or on hover in order to create a more intuitive navigation

  • Collapsible tabs - You can make the sections collapsible so that when clicked the selected tab will toggle its content closed/open

  • Cool effects - You can customize the animation effect that appears while switching between tabs by toggling its Height and Opacity and adjusting the Speed. These options allow you to add a sliding effect and hide the content during the transitions

  • Auto Rotate - If you need to switch your tabs automatically when the page is loaded, simply choose the Auto Rotate option. Select Continuous to prevent your users from navigating between the tabs manually

  • Inline property inspector - You can easily change all the visual options later on

  • Fully controllable by behaviors - If you want to navigate to a specific tab or start an event within it - it can be easily done with the Control DMXzone Tabs behavior

  • Search Engine Friendly - As the DMXzone Tabs is pure HTML and CSS code it can be nicely indexed by all search engines and web spiders.


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