DMXzone Slider Extension Coming Soon
April 6, 2012 by Lubov Cholakova

We have a new and amazing extension called DMXzone Slider coming up next week on DMXzone. Today we will give you a sneak preview of the extremely easy to use User Interface. With this extension you can enrich your forms and let the users choose values intuitive by just sliding the control. You can limit the slider values and have a range slider allowing users to select from and to. Ensure that your forms always have the correct values by using the slider and specifying range limits. The DMXzone Slider is supplied with 24 designs, that can be styled from the CSS, and can control other DMXzone extensions such as DMXzone Tabs and Sliding Billboard.

Stay tuned for the Features in details coming on Monday!

The Story

DMXzone Slider User Interface

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Sliding Billboard
Photo & Video – Organize your work greatly in a virtual book!
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