HTML5 Slideshow with Customized CSS and on Sale

April 25, 2012

Check out the demo to see how you can customize your HTML5 Slideshow

In today showcase we will show you another great way to utilized the great power of the HTML5 Slideshow extension. With this tool you can add different animations such as slowly zoom and pan to the images or just use one of the many others transitions. Choose from the many included navigation controls to fit your page. But this is not all - until next Wednesday you can benefit from our special price and take this amazing extension with 50% off!

The Story

 HTML5 Slideshow with Customized CSS Demo

In this demo we use HTML5 Slideshow in order to create a slideshow on our page. By clicking on any button under the slideshow you can change the current slide. We have styled the default slides descriptions through the CSS.



Mentioned Extensions


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