HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery Released and with a Special Price

August 29, 2012

Get DMXzone's newest Dreamweaver extension on a special price

The waiting is finally over because today marks the official release of our next crown jewel - the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery extension! This amazing tool is all you need to create beautiful image galleries and have each image titled and with description. If you missed the features in detail article or the showcase where we showed it in action, no you can do it on the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery product page. We also designed another demo page, where our newest Dreamweaver extension meets the famous DMXzone Lightbox.

Until next Wednesday you can get this extension with €10/$12 discount so hurry up!

The Story

Features Highlights:

  • Amazing Flip effects -Choose the flip effect to be triggered on hover or on mouse click, as well as the type of flip effect, direction, rotation angle and the depth of 3D perspective.
  • Shuffle and randomize images - Randomize the order of the images and shuffle them among the gallery container.
  • Fully draggable gallery - You can drag your images all over the screen.
  • Title and description for each image - A cool title and description can be displayed as additional image info. You can also use various HTML tags such as link, image, span, heading, div and more...
  • CSS 3D Transforms for native 3D in the browsers - The flip and zoom effect do not execute in browsers that don’t support the new CSS properties.
  • CSS3 Transforms on mobile devices - Take advantage of the built in hardware acceleration that gives you the maximum performance and greatest experience.

Beach Hotel Demo

For this demo we used DMXzone Lightbox in order to show a larger preview of the images in the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery. Once an image is clicked the lightbox opens automatically.



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