HTML5 Product Catalog Design Kit Released

September 5, 2012

Another fine edition to our Designs & Kit section is here

Today we present to you another ready to use kit - the HTML5 Product Catalog Design Kit. An outstanding package for creating rich and powerful product catalogs with awesome image galleries and well thought structure. It features 5 awesome DMXzone extensions along with a designer template which can be easily customize to fit your project needs. If you have the required tools you can buy only the Template and star working on it.

For a week you can purchase the HTML5 Product Catalog Template with discount and save €10/$12.

The Story

HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery Store Demo

For this demo page we used HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery in order to create a flipping image for the selected product. The trigger is on click and the flip direction is set to right. On the back we added HTML img tag. With the help of DMXzone Tabs we made three different tabs for more detailed information about the product.




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